Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vito and Nick's ranked #5 in the country.

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -
We all know Chicago has great pizza and now a survey of the country's food experts proves it.
Editors at the website "The Daily Meal" put together a panel of food critics and chefs to sort through 140 great pizza joints. Three of the top ten restaurants are in Chicago.
Pizano's made the number 4 spot, Vito and Nick's came in at number 5, and Gino's snagged number 8.
The Daily Meal ranked Di Fara, a pizza place in Brooklyn, as number one.


  1. Anonymous5/18/2013

    Cash only too...

  2. Anonymous5/18/2013

    Congrats V & N Pizza. Glad it's not in the 19th Ward, they don't deserve it. They'd be trying to shake them down for free pizza and donations to the Demmocommunist Party.

    1. Anonymous11/26/2014

      they definately would be trying to put the squeeze on them, to feed their fat, lazy, corrupt, useless 19th Ward Employees

  3. Anonymous5/19/2013

    Vito and Nick's has always been good, but Fox's is better.

  4. Anonymous5/22/2013

    The same group also named "Fat Johnnies" the BEST Hot Dog in the USA.Good for our local vendors.

  5. Anonymous5/23/2013

    Though rumor had it that Vito and Nicks was gonna move out of the ghetto and into the old Corrigan's?