Saturday, May 4, 2013


The place has been reopened for a few weeks now. The food is great. 


  1. I googled "Franconello" restaurant and it says it is closed due to a fire? Did it just reopen?

  2. Anonymous5/06/2013

    ate there, was not great, was not bad.

  3. Anonymous5/06/2013

    Forget it. I'll go eat in the Burbs where there's adequate police protection, no extra food Taxes, and the Cops aren't lazy when it comes down to protecting me, my family and friends, cause they're either too f'n lazy, or are all down in the Ghetto protecting the useless gang-bangers and drug dealing vermin. . Don't need ANYTHING the City has to offer.

    1. Anonymous5/07/2013

      I am second generation Mt. Greenwood, and I have yet to meet people in this wonderful community with such piss poor attitudes. I do remind myself . . . similar to talk radio or something . . . that .025% of the viewers or something call in.

      I think this blog, honestly, attracts a lot of . . . ignorant people. The vast and overwhelming majority of us in Mt. Greenwood and this ward are not ignorant.

      I just pointed out there inconsistent arguments in their anti-gay stuff. So, this guy wants to LIVE here with inadequate police protection, food taxes, and lazy cops but not eat here.

      So, he LIVES here with these problems - but, no, Sir, he will not dine here! He had to draw a line somewhere.

      Is anyone taking these people seriously? I hope not. I laugh at 'em, on occasion will respond.

    2. Anonymous5/07/2013

      What does your vitriol have to do with this restaurant? Police protection? "Lazy" cops? Gang bangers? Dude, it's about dinner. Try to get a grip on yourself and experience a moment that's not fraught with misery.

    3. Anonymous6/28/2014

      how do you know the guy lives here just because he reads the blog? I live in New Mexico but am originally from mt. Greenwood. Perhaps he lives in a nearby Suburb, knows or frequents the area, and is just trying to make a point. Which point of the discussion is not true? Is the City not infested with above average crime compared to most Burbs? Were the local Cops not just caught in a local Restaurant for hours, watching sports and lounging, while Mt. Greenwood was left with less protection as a result of these loafing Cops and their poor Supervisors who allowed it or were themselves negligent in their Supervision of ther Manpower? Does the City not have an extra Sales Tax? Are the Police everywhere all over mt. Greenwood, or are they really spread thin in Mt. Greenwood, and sent off to police other areas of the City, leaving Mt. Greenwood with less police protection than it used to have, what do you base your conclusions on ? Perhaps you lack the intelligence of the original poster, or are a Chumbalone City Patronage Hack.

    4. Anonymous6/28/2014

      pass on Franconello, for suburban Palermos or Capri in Palos. Safer and better.

  4. Anonymous5/07/2013

    last time i was there it looked like a casting call for the Sopranos,left when i heard a guy yelled hey Paulie. tony wants to see you in the office......