Friday, May 3, 2013

Courage or Mental Illness?

As most of the nation now knows, NBA player Jason Collins recently announced in a splashy Sports Illustrated article that he is homosexual, an announcement characterized by White House Spokesman Jay Carney as courageous.

After President Barack Obama had concluded a press conference and left the lectern, a reporter asked a question about Jason Collins. Obama uncharacteristically returned to the lectern to say that he “ couldn’t be prouder” of Jason Collins for announcing he is homosexual. What a dispiriting time and place this is that the president of this great but declining nation can’t think of any action that a professional athlete could do to make him “prouder” than having him announce he’s sexually attracted to men. And what a terrible message both men have sent to our nation’s children.

The First Lady of our declining nation then announced that she’s “got Collins’ back,” which raises the question, from what might she need to protect Collins? From the gushing mainstream press? From the rhapsodic Hollywood elite who suffer from an astonishing dearth of philosophical diversity (and depth) on homosexuality?
Oh, wait, it must be those intimidating pastors, priests, theologians, philosophers, and other conservative scholars writing erudite papers on the nature and morality of homosexuality and marriage that no one reads who pose a threat to Collins. Collins can breathe easier knowing that fit-as-a-fiddle Michelle Obama will defend him against those brainiac bullies with her uber-buff arms.

Like so many other words manipulated by the Left, “courage” has taken on a whole new meaning. In fact, it now means the opposite of what it used to mean. Courage is now demonstrated by publicly affirming the fallacious values, beliefs, ideas, and behaviors that our Leftist-dominated culture celebrates. Courage is demonstrated by publicly affirming those values, beliefs, ideas, and behaviors when doing so not only costs nothing but elicits encomia galore.

In my state of utter unhipness, I think Barronelle Stutzman, the 70 year-old florist in Washington State, is heroic. Because of her faith in Christ, Ms. Stutzman steadfastly refuses to use her gifts, time, and labor to profit from a same-sex ”wedding” and consequently is being sued by the State of Washington. I wonder what the Obamas, who claim to be followers of Christ, think of Ms. Stutzman. I wonder if President Obama is proud of her. I wonder if Mrs. Obama has got her back. I wonder if the mainstream press will ask the Obamas if they think Stutzman is courageous.

Collins' recent announcement is just another 

outrageous attempt to brainwash children and the

feeble minded. The response from the Obamas' and

the media is an indication of just how twisted this

country has become. This is not the stuff that great 

civilizations are built from. 


  1. Anonymous5/03/2013

    The gay marriage - as they call it - is probably the most sophisticated, multi layered brainwashing campaign ever undertaken in this country. The media frame the debate - always in the language and on the terms of the pro homosexual marriage side. One of their main methods is to attempt to make people feel like they are morally superior to those who oppose it. This gives the pro homo marriage crowd a feeling of superiority - while looking down at those who hold traditional western values. They look down on them for what? For believing they are superior to the gay crowd.

  2. Anonymous5/03/2013

    Regarding homosexual males the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and other health complications that arise from their - dare I say it "unnatural" sexual activities, it must be discussed - but never will in our biased pro-homosexual lifestyle media. The numbers are staggering compared to hetero males. In my view homosexuality is a vice - much like gambling, womanizing, alcohol abuse. No worse but no better. The difference? I have yet to see an annual parade celebrating these other vices.

  3. Anonymous5/03/2013

    Not sure why they call themselves "gay". Most gay people I have met have an underlying sadness about them.

  4. Anonymous5/03/2013

    The premise of your question is baseless: courage or mental illness. You are probably not a psychiatrist. Nor a psychotherapist. Not even a philosopher, despite any affirmation.

    You are, however, ignorant. It is baseless, groundless, and just ignorant---probably intended to be provocative---to suggest that homosexuality is a mental illness. Therapist, Sir, you are not.

    Even more, you are comparing apples to blueberries, comparing one's public mention of her faith in God to one's public mention of his homosexuality. I am not a therapist, but I know who sounds mentally ill.

    1. Anonymous5/06/2013

      So Murph is wrong for ascertaining reasons for the love that dare not speak its name? You berate him for not being a psychiatrist - but then you make your own psychological determination of him. Typical liberal. Holier than thou...holier than Jerry Falwell on his worst day... but its is for the cause....(fill in the blank).
      The Hollyweirdos mocking regular folks who own firearms. calling them paranoid but not recognizing the glaring hypocrisy of their position as they have armed guards following them around all day, especially on their way to the new movie where they showcase all the cool weaponry and glamorize violence... Homosexuality has always been at best, a Joke. Literally. It is funny to watch two men carry on like lovers. Always has and always will. Homo marriage is just a sign of the times we live in - the degenerate times. Get back in the closet ! That goes for gays, straights, LGBTV WXYZ. I don't want to have a mential image of anyone doing the nasty - Period.

    2. Anonymous5/06/2013

      Murph is right. The gays are insane. So insane that they have become mere tools for the people that run Hollywood

    3. Anonymous5/06/2013

      ANON 1 -- You don't want to have a mental image of ANYONE doing "the nasty"? HA HA HA. In other words, you don't even want to think about "the nasty." More power to you as master (or mistress) of your domain, but do you really want to blame others for the images in your head?

    4. Anonymous5/07/2013

      Disclaimer: do not even know why I am here and posting this because this "debate" is so incredibly stupid.

      "The people that run Hollywood."

      Who are these people? You are paranoid. And your accusations and assumptions are completely groundless. It is ridiculous.

      Nevertheless, for fun, who runs Hollywood? Give me names. You are certain that gays "have become mere tools for the people that run Hollywood." Honestly, I will not begin to unpack how . . . insane that sounds, speaking of insanity.

      So, tell me, who runs Hollywood? I have to first know who runs Hollywood to verify your accusation that gays in the most broad and general of senses are now mere tools of these people running Hollywood.

      You got to get off the internet. I am serious. You talk about "the gays are insane," but I think this internet stuff is not only making stupid but a bit crazy. Honestly.

  5. I'm not sure why some beliefs are OK in your book and others are not. Pretty sure that this woman is a hero in your eyes (and she may be a hero, depending) but a man who cites a conscientious objection to joining a military draft would not be OK.

  6. Anonymous5/07/2013

    I agree. One thing that is funny is that the "crazies" were obsessed for a while there about gay marriage impacting their marriage or Western civilization, notwithstanding Western civilization from its inception was pro gay rights.

    The obsession now is about their guns. lol. I'm pro 2nd Amend, pro gay rights, and pro Const. But I still do not understand why they are obsessed with this one Amendment while willing to deny the rights of others.

    Their crazy arguments are inconsistent, incongruent, incoherent, and all too often for me, incomprehensible. Some of these people are insistent that their personal views are that of the Western Civilization in the broadest sense, when in fact I think that they are actually must more . . . Eastern, specifically Middle Eastern. And that is not an insult to the Middle East, just pointing out the irony.

    1. Anonymous5/07/2013

      The above writer sounds like a gay.

    2. Anonymous5/07/2013

      What does gay sound like? It is like a defense attorney asking me, "what does burnt marijuana smell like?"

      I am pointing out a very consistent argument some people make on the comments here. Trust me, I am surprised that I wasted my time pointing out the inconsistencies, and there are many. I pretty much place you sovereign citizen, gun crazies, and atni-gay Westboro in the same car.

      The following are just a few inconsistencies:

      1) You support limited government (excepting when it concerns marriage);

      2) You support the Second Amend, but seem pretty clueless about the other Amendments, which are under actual and material attack; and

      3) You support, at least most of the time, a "balanced budget," but not when it comes to tax cuts or military spending;

      4) Believe there is a coordinated conspiracy in Hollywood to do something; and

      5) Think that spending is out of control, but not when it comes to military spending or subsidies for the energy industry.

      Above all else, however, is your claim of affinity with the Founding Fathers and/or Western Civilization. You make these inconsistent arguments then try to add legitimacy to them as if the Founders or Western Civilization in the abstract agree with you.

      The outrageous claims that God, the Founders, Western Civilization, among others, support your malarkey is the offensive part. Frankly, it is blasphemy to say that God supports your political views and public policy preferences. As much as it was blasphemy for Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs to suggest that ripping people off is "God's works." Beyond the offensive, some of the wacky and inconsistent argument are . . . funny. Even if mean spirit and ignorant as hell, I think they can be funny; and truly I cannot tell if you're exaggerating or that ignorant.

    3. Anonymous5/07/2013

      Who is posting this ? Johnny Cochrane. It is "inconsistent, incongruent, incoherent"...."this is a travesty". Put down the dictionary...or at least turn the page past the "I"s..."If it doesn't fit you must acquit".

      This also reminds me a little of our old gayfather figure...Harold Lingerie Washington....and his little friend the panderer....this is "incredulous" take down that painting in The Art Institute .

    4. And you sound like a fundamentalist cleric.

    5. Anonymous5/08/2013

      It is called alliteration. But, Johnny Cochrane [sic], not sure if that is an insult or a compliment. You probably do not believe this, but I sometimes get confused and am truly unsure if some people are pretending to be crazy or really believe these things.