Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All of a sudden, he is a nice guy!

Former Mayor Richard Daley is giving more than $500,000 remaining in his campaign fund to 13 charities, with the biggest bequest going to the After School Matters organization founded by his wife Maggie, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.
He's also giving six-figure sums to a cancer center that bears the late Maggie Daley's name and a prominent children's hospital.
Daley could have put the money in his pocket and paid taxes on it. State law bans that practice, but Daley is part of an increasingly smaller group of veteran politicians allowed to take what was in their campaign funds as of the end of June 1998. The former mayor chose another route.
"I have to say, that's pretty commendable," said David Morrison, deputy director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform. "It's pretty rare that a campaign committee gives that much to charity."
The decision to give the money to the charity came nearly two years after Daley logged his last full day in office in May 2011. He did not run for re-election after serving a record 22 years as Chicago mayor.
Some of the donations have been sent out. Others are in the works. Before they were settled on, Daley had spent more than $600,000 of the nearly $1.1 million that was in his campaign coffers a month after his departure from city government.
Daley took none for himself. Instead, he's found other ways to make a living.
The 71-year-old onetime Cook County state's attorney sits on the board of Coca-Cola, and he is "of counsel" at the international law firm of Katten Muchin Rosenman. He also coordinates an urban lecture series at University of Chicago as a distinguished senior fellow.
He is a senior adviser at JPMorgan Chase, where he heads the Global Cities Initiative financed by the Brookings Institution.
Along with his son Patrick, Daley has launched a Chicago-based investment and advisory firm called Tur Partners that focuses on sustainable urban development.
The former mayor did spend a good chunk of the campaign money on pet causes before giving the rest to charity. After leaving office, he paid Carol Brown and Eileen Hubbell more than $215,000 to organize his archives and provide services to the RMD Global Cities Institute, an outgrowth of the Richard J. Daley Global Cities Forum named after Daley's late father, according to campaign finance reports.
In late 2011 he spent nearly $29,000 on office space where the organization of his archives was staged and nearly $63,000 to move and store the materials from his city tenure. He also paid Patricia Kilroe, his campaign fund chairwoman and treasurer, a total of $114,000.
Last December, Daley gave $100,000 to After School Matters, which runs many of Chicago Public Schools' after-school programs.
Here's how he's dividing up the remaining $540,000 of his campaign fund, according to longtime spokeswoman Jacquelyn Heard:
•$150,000 more to After School Matters.
•$100,000 each to the Maggie Daley Center for Women's Cancer Care and the Lurie Children's Foundation of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. Maggie Daley in November 2011 died from metastatic breast cancer after living with the disease for many years. She had been treated at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. The foundation named after Ann Lurie and her late husband, Robert, endowed The Lurie Garden at Millennium Park, one of Daley's signature city projects.
•$25,000 each for the Misericordia Home for people with developmental disabilities, and De La Salle Institute, the Catholic high school Daley attended.
•$20,000 each to the Children of the Crossroads Foundation, a scholarship fund affiliated with the Frances Xavier Warde School founded by Maggie Daley; the Faith Community of St. Sabina, which provides safe homes for foster children; and Kids Off the Block, which provides at-risk, low-income youth programming in the Roseland community.
•$20,000 apiece to Sweet Beginnings LLC, a honey-producing arm of the North Lawndale Employment Network; Casa Central, an agency that provides a wide array of programs in Humboldt Park; and El Valor, a similar organization in Pilsen.
•$10,000 for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and the Widows' & Children's Assistance Fund set up by retired Chicago firefighters.

He made sure this story got in the press too. 


  1. Anonymous4/24/2013

    nothing but a crook from the word go, along with the 19th Ward carpetbaggers. Maggie Million dollar park, I cant believe how he destroyed the city.

  2. Anonymous4/24/2013

    what a nice guy, true leadership, matt O'shea should learn from Daley lead

  3. Anonymous4/24/2013

    most pols do this just before a indicment comes down...looks good to a fed jury....

  4. Anonymous4/25/2013

    I was one who thought at the time, that he was doing a good job. However in retrospect, he pissed away hundreds of millions of dollars and was led around by the nose by unions. He simply did whatever the unions wanted. He left us with a terrible budget deficit, and frittered away our rainy day fund (like 1.3 or 1.5 BILLION dollars) that he got through a back door awful deal for parking meters. All in all a failure.

  5. Anonymous4/25/2013


  6. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Just giving back some of the money he stole.

  7. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Bad guy

  8. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Matt Oshea is 100 times nicer than any Daley could be.

  9. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Whats going on with Kelly Burke voting for gay marriage? Why isn't she representing her constituents?

    1. Anonymous4/25/2013

      Kelly Burke is a McGuire. Their family has been sucking off the govt teet for two generations. She is simply doing what she has been told. Traditions be d*mned, religious teaching of HER church be d*mned. The truth is that all these phony Irish politicians have sold out completely. Democratic Politics is their only real religion. Abortion was always their sacrament but now they have added buggery to the altar.

    2. Anonymous4/25/2013

      The McGuires from Ward 18. Nicest people you will ever meet. I dont know bout the abortion thing. I would be surprized, you know.

    3. Anonymous4/25/2013

      No offense but I am tired of hearing how this Irish Pol here is '"a nice guy", a "great guy", "good people"....."she is a sweet heart" "very dedicated" etc.....they are part of a tightly connected "group" which operates in semi-secrecy and pulls the levers of power - for their benefit - not ours. I am sick of how they thumb their noses at the traditions of our Ward. Don't send nobody - nobody sent. That is the bottom line. If the commies took over they would be the first brown nosers taking names for the re-education camps. This is their true religion.

    4. Anonymous4/26/2013

      She is representing her constituents on gay marriage.

  10. "A nice guy"?? Try a ruthless dictator. It was his way, or no way. He controlled the city council so he had the "rubber stamp" on anything and everything he wanted to do. Millennium Park for some reason went hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. Took it upon himself to destroy Meigs Field in a completely arrogant pompous move. The skyway & parking meter deals? He works out a great deal for the parking meter company while OUR mayor, supposedly looking out for OUR city's best interest, and I think we all know how that deal worked out. And now he mysteriously is employed by that same parking meter company! This city has been run by crooks for many years and sorry to say Rahm is no better. After all, "it's for the children".

  11. Anonymous4/25/2013

    As the nuns use to teach us..."The only true charity is anonymous charity".

  12. Anonymous4/25/2013

    The Daley Crime Family looted the city for years. The bullying little rat must be feeling some remorse, even as he, a millionaire, STILL is provided tax payer paid city cars, drivers, and bodyguards.

  13. Anonymous4/25/2013

    These liberals tell us not to use our religion as a guide for matters such as abortion and homosexual marriage....they are "personally opposed" to abortion, but....but nothing. They are pro abortion. Frank Hurley received donations from an activist liberal pro abortion womans group. Hush hush though don't speak of that...not seeing it in the Beverly Review. The paper that endorsed Obamas reelection even before the primaries !
    They would not impose their views on the rest of us with regard to abortion but don't mind actin holier than thou with homosexual marriage - or any other govt redistribution scheme or tax or Link cards for the underpriviledged, etc....The Democrats are the ruling class in Chicago, Crook Cty, and ILLinois. They run it all....and are running it into the ground ....the only real vote we still have left to vote with our feet. Sad.

  14. Anonymous4/25/2013

    I think Gay Marriage and Abortions should be mandatory for all Democrats. Just think how better off we would be financially in this State/City if the Democrats adopted these policies since the turn of the last century instead of waiting for now.

  15. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Chicago's longest-serving (six terms) Mayor is not suddenly a nice guy. This "nice" guy has been looting you, the taxpayer, and your city for his six terms--and during his father's six terms (Dick J. died in office). These political dynasties are horrendous. They have one brother or sister get into politics, another insurance, and another law to handle property-tax appeals. All the contracts get steered to their "friends." Madigans do it too. The Machine were going to change the city slogan Urbs In Horto ("City in a Garden") to Ubi Est Mea ("Where's mine?").

    His legacy is that of graft, self-dealing, poor decision and deal-making, waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption. Dick M. was no "Boss" or "Dick the Builder" like his father before him.

    1. Anonymous4/27/2013

      Amen - Outside of John Kass, would you ever hear anything remotely resembling this excellent indictment ANYWHERE in Chicago's lap dog media?

  16. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Does anyone know what Patrick Daley does all day besides hang out at Gibsons.

    1. Anonymous4/26/2013

      Patrick Daley is a "principal" or Member of Turn Partners, LLC, and the manager-member of that company is Richard M. Daley. All in the (mafia) family. Bill also went into politics, law, and you guess it, banking. Seems that Bill like big banks while Dick likes private equity. John P. Daley, cook county commissioner, see hired truck. John P. Daley was the insurance brother. Michael Daley is supposedly the smartest one. Michael Daley runs the private law firm that represents businesses with city contracts. He is also handles property tax appeals just like Speaker of the House M. Madigan does during his "off hours." The graft the Daleys employ is a best effort at legal graft. Position yourself in politics, steer business to your friends, legally represent your friends, handle their tax appeals, sell insurance to municipalities and get as much money as possible. And numerous other scandals from hiring to you name it. on All of a sudden, he is a nice guy!

      in response to Chicago's longest-serving (six terms) Mayor is not suddenly a nice guy. This "nice" guy has been looting you, the taxpayer, and your city for his six terms--and during his father's six terms (Dick J. died in office). These political dynasties are horrendous. They have one brother or sister get into politics, another insurance, and another law to handle property-tax appeals. All the contracts get steered to their "friends." The Machine were going to change the city slogan Urbs In Horto to Ubi Est Mea

  17. Anonymous4/27/2013

    If Dick J were running things with George Dunne your property taxes would be 1/2 what they are now. No red light cams, skyway or parking meters either. M was not his father.