Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dart blames Sheahan?

Is it possible that the job is getting too big for Dart? I'm just asking the question. You messed up. Take your punishment like a man.
The Cook County Sheriff's Office released this statement regarding the trial:

"This specific case started over six years ago during a previous administration. Not one of the individuals suing the county was fired and some were promoted. It is beyond perplexing that these individuals are suing for more money when they already have had every opportunity for promotion. Sheriff Dart and his office proudly stand on their record."

"The Cook County Sheriff's Office is very proud of the fact that it is the only local government office that has been declared in compliance by the federal courts and therefore is no longer monitored by the courts or their appointed monitors. The office worked hard during the monitoring process and is proud of its ethical integrity. It cannot be stressed enough that this was a federal court decision to free the sheriff's office of the monitor, based on the hard work and policies implemented by the dart administration.


  1. Anonymous8/07/2012

    The ironic thing is dart disbanded the unit that is suing him and he throws sheehan under the bus. He is such a weasel.

    Opening arguments are expected Monday afternoon in a federal trial stemming from a lawsuit accusing Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart of political discrimination. The suit was filed by 21 employees from the department's elite Special Operation Response Team, who claim the unit was disbanded because they supported Dart's opponent in the 2006 primary election.

    The unit was disbanded two weeks after the election. The plaintiffs call that political retribution .

  2. Anonymous8/07/2012

    If it wasn't for Sheahan where would Tom Dart be? So much for loyalty.

    1. Anonymous8/07/2012

      Dart cares only about himself. Remember that the next time he wants help.

  3. Anonymous8/07/2012

    If only whores, puppies, and indigent dead could still vote, well, one out of three aint bad.

  4. Anonymous8/08/2012

    I work in the water department and we were told the same thing, that we were compliant with the shakman decree. what a load of horse s#*t. we now have more door bell ringing clip board carrying middle managers than ever. we now need to be told how to do everything,can you guess how much is actually getting done? we have a younger group of tradesman coming in who want to work and are not being utilized to their potential. all government agencies are alike.....

  5. Anonymous8/08/2012

    Thats the beginning many more lawsuits are being filed and are at the Chancery division of the circuit court. Sept. 13 is the big one. The decision should be made for unlawfull termination for an alleged secondary employment at a restaurant.. Good luck to the three officers. Three years later after they lost everything.Shakman ??? compliant ??? Poor Tommy ..Karma !!!!

  6. Anonymous8/08/2012

    It's probably George Bush's fault too.

  7. Anonymous8/12/2012

    get rid of this egotistcal piece of shit NOW

  8. Anonymous8/14/2012

    Tom Dart is one of the most arrogant mean and incompetent people I have ever seen. Billy Evsns is a candidate for sheriffs in 14..... He has a lot of support so far and can do the job without a doubt he is fair, experienced. Smart educated and a team player took care of all his men over the years good chap!

  9. Anonymous8/16/2012

    paul ogrady, billy evens, even petey raines, all would be great in 14!

  10. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Ahhhh.... I believe bill is the only official candidate....

  11. Anonymous3/03/2015

    I'd like to see those puppies whiz on Tommy Toupee