Sunday, January 29, 2012

Remember to Vote Democratic

The new 19th ward flag?
By David E. Smith -
Six months after Illinois' "civil union" legislation went into effect, forces committed to redefining natural marriage are already planning their next steps. A recent article in the Huffington Post reports that a "group of Illinois lawmakers have begun laying the groundwork for their latest push to bring marriage equality to the Land of Lincoln," despite the fact that through the civil union law, same-sex couples already receive all the benefits they claimed they wanted.
This meeting included the Illinois General Assembly's three openly homosexual members: State Representatives Greg Harris (D-Chicago), Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), and Deborah Mell (D-Chicago). State Representatives Ann Williams (D-Chicago), Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) and State Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) are also listed as part of the coalition to redefine marriage.

Anyone paying attention should have expected this because homosexual activists have explicitly stated that civil unions are merely a stepping stone to their real goal: the eradication of marriage as it's been understood throughout history.
It's not benefits they seek; it's the societal approval that accompanies legal recognition of homosexual unions as "marriage." Of course, homosexual unions will never in reality constitute marriages, but like the proverbial emperor who had no clothes, when the government acts like they are marriages, society will play along with the foolish game of pretend.
David E. Smith is Executive Director of Illinois Family Institute
I wonder what our pols position is. Lets find out before the election.


  1. That just might be the next 19th Ward Flag. I see Tom Dart has one flying on a pole in his front yard.

  2. Anonymous1/29/2012

    We cannot let them dodge this issue before the General Election. We need to find out. My theory is that at least Fran Hurley will be supporting these issues. My personal dealings with her indicated a very strident liberal. Again, the new generation of hard left 19th Ward Democrats still has to hide their leftism even in a Ward that routinely hands big victories to them. Because the people do not agree with them. A perfect example is abortion. Did we ever see anything about abortion when Dart was a Representative, or Eddie "Pension Buster" Maloney was in the Assembly? They are ALL pro abortion. And yet all our Catholic schools invite them to speak and fawn over them. Hynes, etc... Again I recommend if these people come to your door asking for your vote the least right you have is to ask them where they stand on this newest cause celeb of the left "gay" marriage. Tell them to put it in writing!!

  3. Anonymous1/29/2012

    I think we need to find out what their positions on these topics are before we vote for them. It will come out during the debates.

  4. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Mark my words. There will not be a debate for the state house race. O'Shea cannot afford the chance of voters finding out what he is pushing down their throats.

  5. this blind voting for these pieces of crap have got to end.have you heard of the dozen or so people leaving Sutherland school do to social reengineer ing . these extreme leanings toward the left is scary.

  6. Anonymous1/29/2012

    We are already aware that Fran Hurley is a supporter of abortion. She has sought and received the endorsement of Personal PAC, the pro-abortion political organization of Illinois. Fran Hurley is the handpicked candidate of Terry Cosgrove, Illinois' most extreme abortion advocate and fervent gay "marriage" and anti-Catholic activist. This should come as no surprise since we already knew Fran Hurley was the handpicked candidate of pro-abortion politicians Matt O'Shea, Bill Cunningham, and Tom Dart.



  8. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Is this really an issue that needs your scrutiny now in the face of rampant unemployment and runaway government spending? This is just the sort of hot button issue they love to distract you with while they rob us blind.

    "The eradication of marriage as it's been understood throughout history"? Please, heteros have done a fine job of doing that with a 50% divorce rate.

    Gay couples are simply seeking equality in partnerships that afford them the same emotional, societal, and financial benefits all married couples share. Live and let live.

    Spare us all the santimonious rants and try to do some good to fire up voters to make more informed decisions on real issues!

  9. Anonymous1/29/2012

    2012 Primary Election Endorsements

    Personal PAC Endorsements
    March 20, 2012 Primary Election

    Additional endorsements will follow in the coming weeks

    Cook County
    Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court: Dorothy Brown (D)
    Cook County Recorder of Deeds: Karen Yarbrough (D)
    Cook County State’s Attorney: Anita Alvarez (D)

    Illinois House of Representatives

    HD 001 – Daniel Burke (D)
    HD 002 – Edward Acevedo (D)
    HD 003 – Luis Arroyo (D)
    HD 004 – Cynthia Soto (D)
    HD 005 – Ken Dunkin (D)
    HD 009 – Art Turner (D)
    HD 010 – Derrick Smith (D)
    HD 011 – Ann Williams (D)
    HD 012 – Sara Feigenholtz (D)
    HD 013 – Greg Harris (D)
    HD 014 – Kelly Cassidy (D)
    HD 016 – Lou Lang (D)
    HD 017 – Laura Fine (D)
    HD 018 – Robyn Gabel (D)
    HD 019 – Robert Martwick (D)
    HD 021 – Rudy Lozano (D)
    HD 024 – Elizabeth Hernandez (D)
    HD 025 – Barbara Flynn Currie (D)
    HD 026 – Christian Mitchell (D)
    HD 027 – Monique Davis (D)
    HD 028 – Robert Rita (D)
    HD 029 – Thaddeus Jones (D)
    HD 030 – Will Davis (D)
    HD 034 – Elgie Sims, Jr. (D)
    HD 035 – Fran Hurley (D)

    1. Anonymous1/29/2012

      All dems looks to me like dems are the abortion party

      They want our votes but they want abortions too. Cant have both

  10. Anonymous1/29/2012

    If Fran hurley and Bill cunningham are pro abortion that needs to be made clear now. I hope their opponents are planning to bring this out.

  11. Anonymous1/29/2012

    This used to be a stable moderate democratic neighborhood. I was proud to vote democratic. Then Tom Hynes was kissing Bill Clintons ass so bad that they put him on the DNC and the next thing you know is he is preaching all this extreme liberal bs. He never came out for abortion but he never came out against it either. All he talked about was class warfare and how the repubs were sticking it to the working guy. Some people will say this was just a reaction to his ass kicking for mayor in 88. I dont know bout that. All I know is that he used to be a reg guy and then he became extreme. You could tell he had drank some koolaid. Anyway, the young turks saw that this liberal agenda worked for Hynes so they started preaching it too. Thats how we got to where we are today. All that matters to these people is votes and money. Votes and money come before morals and principles. I am highly embarassed to vote democrat these days. I do not support any of their issues. My poor grandfather would turn in his grave.

  12. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Fran Hurley is pro-abortion as is evidenced in Personal PAC's endorsement of her. As for Bill Cunningham, he has yet to provide clarity on his stance like Hurley. However, Bill Cunningham has endorsed and supports the pro-abortion Fran Hurley and he previously worked as spokesman for Pat Quinn, the most pro-abortion governor in American history. Bill Cunningham does not need the endorsements of the pro-abortion lobby when his actions reveal where he stands on the issue.

  13. Anonymous1/29/2012

    The Democratic Party: the party of Obama, Durbin, Quinn, Daley, Emanuel, Alvarez, Dart.

    Abortion causes death. Democrats are pro-death.

  14. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Cunningham has been a big supporter of gay rights. I think that is weird.

  15. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Physics lesson: If you could reun in a circle @ 185.999 MPS there is a possibility of screwing yourself!

    Or you can just vote democRAT and get the same result.

  16. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Where did all the "gay" stuff come from. It use to be PERVERT.

  17. Again we here about stay on the issues. this is one of the issues. no elected officer is a perfect candidate but let's not keep voting one way all the time. all I want to know is why after paying my bills and sending my children to private schools,my choice, saving my money and building a decent nest egg that I am now the bad guy. F#*kK YOU ILlinois democrates. these pieces of crap can't wait to spend my money and another way to do it is with more regulations that include gay marriage.........civil union include all the rights they would get as if they were married,do your homework and look it up,the truth will not hurt you

  18. Anonymous1/30/2012

    Gay marriage and abortion? Is that what's keeping you awake at night? I could care less how another person uses their body. Our current state of affairs is shite! There are bigger issues to tackle. Get over it.

  19. Anonymous1/30/2012

    Hopefully for our children, the Progressive Democrats will all practice abortion and engage in marital unions that cannot biologically produce off-spring. Socialism will decline. Theft, fraud and deception will diminish. The population will decrease (except for Jesse) and our irish Catholic politicians will join their predecessors "Bathhouse John" and "Hinky Dink" in Hell.

  20. Anonymous1/30/2012

    Gay ness used to be perverted. Now we have politicians standing in line to give the gays our pensions. Whats with that??????? What is the story with Bill Cunninghan? Who does he represent? Working familys with underfunded pensions or the gays?

    Someone needs to look at Cunninghan and examine his mysterious rise to power.

  21. Anonymous1/30/2012

    For those who think abortion is just a hot button issue designed to make us forget all the problems in the state - ok then let's talk about our state of ILL inois. It has become a national joke as the Democrats have raised income taxes by over 67% !! Plus huge tollway tax! Make sure you thank your local Democrat pol or your Precinct guy. When he comes to your door this year have a can ready ad ask him for a donation - since you just lost big bucks because they pushed these spendaholics on us. Chicago unemp over 10% and "ILL"inois over 9%. The truth is that the Democrats are no longer the Party of the little guy- or even traditional American values for that matter. We need to send them a message this year! Nobama

  22. Anonymous1/31/2012

    Why won't we screen for drugs for the welfare folks? Because these crooks(daleys,joyces,hynes,etc)would lose votes as the play rev's and gangbangers in bed with certain alderpeople(or "Folks" as it were)would raise such a racial stink,as Illinois slides into the Cal-Sag.Give them a freakin pay- cut and leave our pensions alone!

  23. Anonymous1/31/2012

    As a lifelong dummycrat i and my family will be voting Republican this year.Im tired of people pissing in my ear and telling me its raining.

  24. Anonymous1/31/2012

    Abortion..... Not for me to judge. Best to mind your own business. If someone else gets an abortion, that's their dilemma, not mine or yours. Keep your religious views to yourself!

    I don't get why gays get people so rattled. What should concern you more? A) gay adults getting married. B) pedophile priests in your beloved catholic church. Hmm.... I'll pick B.

  25. About abortion, I am not asking anyone to judge. I don't think it's best for everyone to mind their own business. I think it's best to discuss it. That's why it's posted here.

    About gays and pedophile priest, both belong in the freak show. Both are mentally ill and need help.

  26. Anonymous1/31/2012

    Exactly. We no longer get even lip service from our Democrat representatives. They are happy to be seen arm in arm skipping along with the gay rights pro abortion crowd - but are embarrassed by the traditional American values of Catholics and other traditionally Democratic voters of the 19th Ward.
    The only pro-abortion people are those who were given the right to be born. Once you take that from another human, we descend back to the barbarian pagans of the distant past. Not to mention we are effectively Pi**ing on the graves of our Irish ancestors who fought the English to the death to preserve the Catholic faith. Makes alot of people in this neighborhood sick. Time to speak up

  27. Anonymous2/02/2012


  28. Anonymous2/04/2012

    When I stop and look back at the attitudes I saw growing up in the 19th Ward I cannot believe how far to the left these Democrats have gone and how the community I grew up in has just gone along. Back in the 80's when we still had the Soviet threat a few of the Democratic precinct workers came by the house to ask us to vote for sister's boyfriend remarked after they left...."If the Communists ever took over this country, these guys would be at their office the next morning offering to pass out their propaganda and put up the old hammer and sickle"....but it is even worse today because these people are true to any of them for a few minutes and keep asking them "why?",,,"why do you think that" and you will get them to admit their beliefs...Businesses are bad, government is good, etc...they are out and out leftists... I blame the union propaganda, teachers (vast majority liberal and women), increasingly tilted liberal media bias, textbooks with liberal bent, Hollyweird indoctrination etc...they want gay marriage BUT more... they want to criminalize those who oppose these positions...look at the new Regulations from Obummercare...they are trying to force Catholic hospitals to provide services that their religion teaches are wrong! No dissent