Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tony Martin, Candidate for State Rep 35th District

Candidate Martin
This candidate did not respond to my request for info.  He works as a Chicago fireman. He is married and lives in Mt. Greenwood. It is notable that he just constructed a new house at a location which is outside of the boundaries of the 35th dist. He has pledged to sell that house when he is elected. His position on a number of political issues is unknown. He education is unknown.

If you feel that you are inclined to support the candidacy of Tony Martin, feel free to write about why, below.


  1. Anonymous12/22/2011

    Tony just built a mansion in the other district. Why doesnt he run there. There is no way he will ever sell this new house.

  2. Anonymous12/22/2011

    Why is he running? Guess.

  3. Anonymous12/22/2011

    He is doing what he was instructed to do.

  4. If you want to say something here fine. But I must insist, no swearing, no name calling.

  5. Anonymous12/24/2011

    He lives in a big house that he recently built that's outside the district? Why would he want to run? He'll have to move if he wins. Is he in over his head on his mortgage?

    Why isn't he running in the district that he currently resides in?

    I think there is much more to his story that we do not know. I would like him to make himself available for questions before he asks for my vote.

    I don't want a person who is in personal financial trouble to be my elected official - too many opportunities for corruption.

  6. Anonymous1/15/2012

    Tony had that house built over 8 years ago ( hardly a mansion and only 1/2 of a block outside district). His home has been in the district for his entire life until the recent re-map took all of the parish of Queen of Martyrs out of the 35th and gave it to Burke from Evergreen Park

  7. Anonymous2/22/2012

    Maybe he doesn't know that he lives outside the district. What are his qualifications? Education level? As far as I can see he is a Mt. Greenwood city worker from a long line of city workers. If the district catches he might be of service!

  8. Anonymous3/12/2012

    Anthony Martin will be a great leader,advocate for working class families, and a new voice to represent the 35th District. There is nothing that makes him a "better candidate", rather he is the best choice for this election, this year.
    The negative campaign mailer by Hurley is a big turn off. The fair response should be quite surprising to the voters who support, but ignore the truth. A true family man-Anthony Martin for State Rep 35th