Monday, December 12, 2011

Joe Bird, Candidate for State Rep 35th District

Candidate Bird
I'm Joe Bird, 41, married to Regina, with three kids, Sean, 12, Maddy, 10, and Joe, 8. All attend St. John Fisher (SJF). I coach Sean's SJF 6th Grade Basketball, and am an assistant coach for his travel baseball team, Orland Park Southside Express and his Southwest Ball Hockey team. I'm an assistant coach for Joe's Southwest Ball Hockey as well.

I have been a Chicago Police Officer for roughly 15 years (5 May 2012 will be 15 years). I was promoted to Sergeant in July 2008 off the list. I worked the street for most of my career and I believe I carry an excellent reputation with fellow officers. I was an aggressive and active police officer. I tried out for the SWAT Team with 41 other Sergeants and finished 3 in a two-month testing process about two years ago. I truly enjoy being a Chicago Police Officer.

I have my undergraduate degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Masters Degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I received both prior to joining the police department. I was in my first semester of law school when the police department called. I took the police department’s test in 1993 when around 26,000 people took the test. While on probationary status as a police officer, I was required to postpone law school for 1-year. I completed law school and passed the bar exam on the first attempt.

I have operated a law practice at 10450 South Western Ave., since 2005. As a small business owner, I have felt the crunch of slower business with the constant requirement to pay monthly expenses (rent). I am no different than other business owners, but I feel the importance to maintain a practice instead of leaving another vacancy on Western Ave.

1. Getting Illinois Financial House in Order
2. Pension Stability
3. Political accountability and responsibility
As to #2, I do not want to refer to it as "Pension Reform". Believe me, I am disgusted as every police officer, fireman, laborer, when its reported that people are double-dipping on pensions or that some only had to work a minimal amount of days to receive a pension. However, I'm tired of seeing police, fire, and other public sector pension benefits being grouped with that group and then falsely portrayed in the media as “excessive” and “gold-plated” when the truth is that members of these professions dedicate their lives to the service of others to receive a fraction of their salary after retirement.
#3 - most legislators (or their group of people) have been governing for the last 20 years, yet none of them take the blame for the State's current financial crisis. There is no accountability. It’s very difficult to makes changes via the election process.

I hope this is helpful. Thank you.

Joe Bird

The picture and bio was sent to me by Joe Bird. It is my opinion that Joe Bird is a truly independent candidate. If you feel that you are inclined to support the candidacy of Joe Bird, feel free to write about why, below.


  1. Anonymous12/12/2011

    I know Joe having worked with him, played softball with him, and from having had a beer with him.

    if you wanted somebody to be there for you - it would be Joe. However, I know so many of my fellow 19th Warders will go with the "chosen" candidate and sadly, that is not Joe.

    Joe is an independent and IMO he is the best chance we have but we have SO MANY sheep in this Ward that they will vote for the "it" guy.

    If you are fed up with these Politicians STEALING, then vote for Joe, but if you're okay with it, because that is they way it has always been, well then, vote for the "it" guy. I know, sure, sure, they do care about you - yep, sure they do.

    Murph ( but not THAT Murph)

  2. Anonymous12/12/2011

    If we knew where Joe Bird has been assigned, we'd have a much better idea of how "independent" he is.

  3. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Joe Bird. Nobody will watch your back better than Joe Bird. A policemans policeman. Honest as they get.

  4. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Joe started out in 8 when there were a lot of openings way back 14 years ago - he has no "clout" trust me.

    he workd Mids while in law school and was in court at 26th a lot too - he was a worker. we are were when we were young.

    he then did tact in 22, then made SGT and I THINK went to 6, and then HE MADE SWAT - on his own.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Joe is the best.

  6. Anonymous12/12/2011

    When HB148 comes back around, how will Joe vote? That will say alot right there.

  7. Anonymous12/12/2011

    is some political connected firefighter gonna run to split the vote?

  8. Anonymous12/12/2011

    I'm Voting For Joe Bird. Everyone I Know Is Voting For Joe Bird.

  9. Anonymous12/12/2011

    joe bird rocks

  10. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Sheep will vote for Fran.

  11. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Joe 10-4

  12. Anonymous12/12/2011

    We need everyone to jump on the Joe Bird campaign. The O'Shea machine is running the one candidate they want and 2 others that are intended to split the opposition.

  13. Anonymous12/12/2011

    It truly is time for the traditionalists from Beverly - the "Reagan Democrats" to step out of the shadows and be counted. I for one cannot take any more of this liberal lunacy. From the 19th Ward Demosheeps all the way up to the White House. These people are aiding and abetting the trashing of our country. My industry I work for is in shambles due to these egg head morons. We need to stand up to them NOW ! I for one will find out more about Joe Bird. If he is legit then I will go out and help his campaign. Yes even if my Zombie neighbors turn their noses up at me. I have had it ! I remember when Bush 41 ran in 88 - He was winning precincts in Mt. Greenwood by 2 to 1 in many cases. Now a few decades of public school brainwashing, media bias and comfy jobs on the govt dime - we have been partly corraled back into the liberal fold. Have some ba**s and speak up before Barak OBoardup gets reelected. And thanks for posting the info.. looking forward to hearing from any other candidates.

  14. Anonymous12/12/2011

    which candid ate is which. How does anyone know which

  15. No personal attacks. Ok?

  16. Its clear what the good Sgt's position is for the working Copper and Fireman and that's commendable,BUT what is the good Sgts position on concealed carry for Illinois? Hopefully pro since it will generate MUCH NEEDED monies for the State. But if not,well its easy to add his name to the list of NO VOTES under Enemies of the State and Constitutional Rights. But seeing he is a police officer I would HOPE that he takes his Oath of Office seriously when(if) elected to Political Office and protects and fights for those rights. Im all for Police becoming politicians but there are some horrible predecessors to this guy, like ED BURKE and TOM DART as the immediate example.Lets not let the shiny badge and "got your back attitude" jade you. In the State Capitol, he will be far more out numbered by those bent on self servitude than all his SWAT training can defend against. Ill back him 100% if he is PRO CCW for Illinois. The Illinois Rifle and The NRA are hoping to add his name to the List of Dependable Politicians so we shall wait and see what his position is before backing with votes and contributions.

  17. And thanks for posting the info.. looking forward to hearing from any other candidates.

    12 DECEMBER, 2011

    We could use more like YOU around the 15th Ward Committeemans Office(Ray Lopez)

  18. Anonymous12/14/2011

    I worked with Joe in 008, intelligent guy and a good policeman. I think he'd do a helluva job.

  19. Anonymous12/14/2011

    I believe the upcoming election is a primary. Is Bird running as a Democrat or Republican? If he's running in the Democratic Primary, who are the Republican candidates?

  20. Anonymous12/14/2011

    Vote for Joe!

  21. Anonymous12/14/2011

    Is there any material on Fran?? Who is Fran and what are his/her qualifications/positions??

  22. Anonymous12/14/2011

    b,b,b, bird bird bird bird is the word
    bbb bird bird bird bird is the word....

    I couldnt resist. (image of Peter Griffin from 'family guy' singing)

    COME ON you know you were thinking the same thing.