Tuesday, December 6, 2011

95th Street boardups are a disgrace.

I don't know about you but I am getting tired at looking at the boardups on 95th street. I am especially thinking about the buildings at 1841 and 2215 W. 95th st. Am I alone in my concern? Isn't there a city ordinance that mandates the replacement of broken glass? Plywood is not an option. Where are the building inspectors? Have these buildings been cited? Are they in court? I don't think the 95th street business strip has a chance when conditions like these are allowed to exist.

Am I wrong for asking about this? Am I wrong for asking some absentee landlord to take care of his building? Where is BAPA on this? Where is Alderman O'Shea on this?


  1. Anonymous12/06/2011

    95th Street looks like 71st between Stony and Yates.

  2. Anonymous12/06/2011

    watchout for arsons,just saying.

  3. Anonymous12/06/2011

    An then they beat up the priest at St. Margarets. When will they stop?

  4. Anonymous12/06/2011

    1841 was do to a car accident just saying

  5. Anonymous12/06/2011

    who's they?

  6. Anonymous12/06/2011

    We are entering into the 4th year of Barack OBoardup!! Seriously, not only our neighborhood, but everywhere you look boarded up residences - and boarded commercial properties - even in places like Glen Ellyn! If we have to listen to the 19th Ward take credit for businesses starting up in our area - they need to look in the mirror to see who is to blame for the desolation...every boarded up business represents the liberal Democratic policies and virtual tombstones for a dozen or so lost jobs....they are testimony to the failure of Obama - and they enablers in our Ward. I agree that we need to contact O'Shea and light a fire under the Ward to help correct this. Also, is it just me or does anybody else wonder why Evergreen Pk and developers think it is a hot idea to build brand new buildings when there is SO MUCH available commercial already standing - ie the Plaza, which is truly about 66% vacant right now? Where is the demand - and why build new right now ??

  7. Anonymous12/06/2011

    I think that the new bank building on the nw corner of 95 and Western is the ugliest building ever built. Its so gross. OMG WTF

  8. Anonymous12/07/2011

    If you ask me, we could use alot more signs that say "DO NOT ENTER".

  9. Anonymous12/09/2011

    what s with the bookstore property? ?

  10. Anonymous12/09/2011

    Anonymous said...
    "what s with the bookstore property? ? "

    It would be perfect for AR Leak.

  11. Anonymous1/30/2012

    a black funeral home has the old Borders and it will have multipale funerals going on at one time,this is to be finished and finilized in late spring.

  12. Anonymous4/22/2013

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  13. Anonymous8/02/2014

    He got that eyesore redeveloped. Thanks Matt

  14. Anonymous8/27/2014

    Matt is working hard on this issue and has obtained results.

  15. Anonymous9/11/2014

    This is not O'Sheas fault. Nothing was done for 20 years before him.