Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Maloney Retires

State Senator Ed Maloney has announced that he will not seek reelection in 2012. Instead, he will be replaced by State Representative Bill Cunningham. Interestingly, both of these "representatives" will go down in the books as being advocates for gay marriage and the right of "partners" to tap into government pensions. Such positions seem to be very contrary to the interest of most 19th ward residents.

Cunningham will be replaced by Francis Dorgan, whoever he or she is.


  1. Anonymous11/02/2011

    Frances Dorgan works or worked in Rugai's office.

  2. Anonymous11/02/2011

    The state rep's race is going to be a hard one for any Democrat to win. Most people are fed up with our Democratic politicians (Obama, Durbin, Quinn, Madigan, Emanuel, Alvarez, Dart, O'Shea).

    A capable Republican could easily become our next state representative.

  3. Anonymous11/02/2011

    Who the f#%* decides this?!?!
    What ever happened to getting elected, and not appointed.

  4. Anonymous11/02/2011

    Fran Dorgan is a very kind and hard working person. She went out of her way to help my elderly neighbor when he basement flooded last summer. We are luckey.

  5. Anonymous11/02/2011

    These decisions on who will do what are made by our leaders, Dart, Maloney, Sheehan. With Maloney out,,,, so is Hynes. Hes done.

  6. Anonymous11/02/2011

    Dart want to build a fleet of model airplanes to patrol the county. Too much time with the puppies.

  7. Anonymous11/02/2011

    How many pensions will maloney be getting.

  8. Anonymous11/02/2011

    Black funerals become a problem at Mt. Hope Cemetary as local residents are harassed. O’SHEA: "It is the cemetery of choice for the Chicago metro gangbanger"

    Currently, Illinois cemeteries don’t have to be licensed. Lack of oversight was blamed in part for problems at a cemetery in Chicago’s south suburbs. Burr Oak became embroiled in scandal two years ago after it was alleged that employees were reselling burial plots. So state lawmakers passed a bill that requires cemetery licensing and regulation. But the new cemetery oversight act hasn’t gone into effect yet. Enforcement can’t come soon enough for some people who live near the state’s largest cemetery on Chicago’s Southwest Side.

    A procession of cars snakes out of Mt. Hope Cemetery near Fairfield and 115th– a two-lane street.
    Orange stickers are pasted in car windows to let them roll through stoplights.
    A Cook County sheriff’s car patrols the grounds.

    This is a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of the 19th Ward.
    The funeral traffic is a problem for neighborhood residents. And they say, so is the behavior of some funeral-goers.

    FOX: The people that come to these funerals don’t have a lot of respect for the people who live here.
    Darlene Fox lives a block away from Mt. Hope.

    FOX: I was in the right lane trying to come home. And one of the people that was there actually pulled out of the recession, parked the car in front of my car and wouldn’t let me proceed because they thought I was being rude to the people in the funeral procession. They yell out violent, violent mean profanity. The “f-word” is prevalent.

  9. Anonymous11/02/2011

    These are the kind of ongoing complaints Ald. Matt O’Shea hears from Beverly-area residents. He shuffles through a stack of papers.

    O’Shea says sometimes traffic is backed up a mile to enter the cemetery. He also says gunshots have been fired near Mt. Hope.

    O’SHEA: It is the cemetery of choice for the Chicago metro gangbanger. We have had dozens and dozens of incidents of rival gangs. Verbal altercations between gangs in the cemetery, on the perimeter of the cemetery, verbal altercations.

    The race component here is hard to overlook. The neighbors complaining tend to be white. Those in the aforementioned rowdy funeral processions tend to be black.
    O’SHEA: I don’t think it’s a black white issue. I think it’s simply an issue of public safety.
    On one occasion, O’Shea says, two nearby schools delayed dismissal…worried about the safety of students because two rival gangs were having burials at the same time. But he says it’s a small percentage of burials that cause problems. Cook County sheriff’s cars do routinely patrol the cemetery grounds because of complaints. The cemetery is technically in unincorporated Cook County.
    Last year Mt. Hope had more than 3,000 burials – more than any other cemetery in the state.
    O’Shea says Mt. Hope’s owners need to take more responsibility.

    MOORE: What do you want and what do residents want to be resolved with the cemetery?
    O’SHEA: It’s a matter of public safety. Quite frankly they need to build a second entrance to handle the sheer volume of traffic that goes in and out of their cemetery. And they need to police their cemetery. If you’re going to accept these processions on your property, then you need to provide adequate safety.

    A new state law that licenses and regulates cemeteries could potentially require the owners to put in a second entrance. The rules for the law have yet to be published and that’s the holdup.
    O’Shea and local residents think an additional entrance could alleviate traffic and perhaps mitigate conflict among funeral goers. Regulation could also impose criminal penalties.
    Mt. Hope owners declined to be interviewed for this story. In a written statement, a lawyer for the owners said that management has met with the county, Chicago police and the alderman. On high-traffic days the owners say a uniformed off-duty police officer directs traffic.
    The statement also said, "Mt. Hope has worked to find alternative resolutions to address neighbors’ concerns and significant progress has been made in improving traffic flow."
    In the meantime, the state law regulating cemeteries is in limbo. And until enforcement is officially on the books, Alderman O’Shea will continue to shuffle petitions and field phone calls.

    O’SHEA: "It is the cemetery of choice for the Chicago metro gangbanger"
    Thank you Alderman O'Shea for not being afraid to speak the truth. Could you ever imagine Tommy Dart making a bold statement like that. He would be calling the locals Racist. O'Shea is a stand up guy!! Curious as to whether Bill Cunninghams so-called indigent burial bill sponsored by Dart is funding any of these Funerals??

  10. Anonymous11/02/2011

    Is dart a lunitic or what. This drone thing has gotts be a joke.

  11. Anonymous11/03/2011

    Maloney is getting 3 pensions and social security.
    .oak lawn high school
    .chgo park dist
    .general assembly

    his wife is getting 2 pensions.
    .chgo public schools
    .cook cry assessors dept.

    a perfect example of public pension abuse. we need new laws. no person should ever get more than one public pension.

  12. Anonymous11/03/2011


  13. Anonymous11/03/2011

    I just want to say that Eddie Maloney has does more fore the nierborhood than anyone did ever. He got the money to build all the new librarys and fix the parks and fix the schools and even pave the streets. When would you be with out him. He is a great guy.

  14. Anonymous11/03/2011

    Did he get the money to update Mt. Greenwood park? No. that came mostly from donations. That always seems to be overlooked whe the parks are mentioned.

  15. Anonymous11/03/2011

    Frannie Dorgan, a REAL Nut-Job .

  16. Anonymous11/03/2011

    I hope my post will make the cut... It seems this blog is severely edited. Maloney is a hack for the unions - period!! He cares nothing for the truly "average" citizen - and I do not mean government employees....He has backed every tax hike possible and looks at our hard earned money as his !! Why is there no outcry that once again, they skirt the rules of our democracy - and install a replacement. It is time that we speak up against these Irish gangsters...they do not represent the average 19th warder....

  17. Anonymous11/03/2011

    Fran Dorgan is a real nice person.

  18. Anonymous11/03/2011

    The donations for the park was a small part of the total package. Most of the $$ came from Maloney, Cunningham and Ginger and YOU know it. With out them our park would be a mudhole. They took it upon themselves to help us.

  19. Anonymous11/03/2011

    Maloney is not necessarily pro union. It's just that so many union people live here so it seems that way but its really not.

  20. Anonymous11/03/2011

    Is Francis Dorgan a man or a woman? Who is he or she? I never heard of him or her. I am a little concerned about qualifications. I mean WTF has he she done?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. Anyone with specifics, kindly email me with it. Otherwise, lets try to keep the mood here positive.

  22. Anonymous11/04/2011

    Five public pensions for one family? If it's true, it's unconscionable. If it's true he should be exposed on 60 minutes. He should be the poster child for government pension abuse.

  23. Anonymous11/04/2011

    Maloney and his wife are paid $1000.00 a day 5 days a week forever. Obscene amount of money. It pays to be related to the Hynesses.

  24. Anonymous11/07/2011

    If Maloney is retiring, then Cunningham has to run. He will not be appointed. If Cunningham's own term (2 years) is up at that time, then Fran Dorgan will have to run. She will not be appointed.

  25. Anonymous11/29/2011

    Ed Maloney voted against the civil union bill.

  26. Anonymous12/10/2011

    Ed Maloney was forced out.