Monday, September 19, 2011

Dangerous Tree

Fallen Tree
On the northeast corner of 115th street and St. Louis, there is a dead tree. I see it every week when we go shopping. It looks like an Elm and it's getting ready to fall. When it does fall, it will fall upon whatever happens to be below it at that given moment. Cars, schoolchildren, whatever. The problem is that the tree is located upon private property and the owner is either oblivious or short of sufficient funds. Either way, something needs to be done now. I call upon our local city officials to rope the area off and give the resident a few days to remove the tree. If the tree is not removed quickly, the city has the option of making an emergency removal.

Photo is courtesy of Detective Shaved.


  1. Anonymous9/19/2011

    perhaps we could get the irish bartender/alderman and sheriff dart and a few others to stand under it for a photo op finger waving tsk tsk and then have it fall on them and all the probs in the area would be solved, accidents do happen you know.

  2. Anonymous9/20/2011

    Im sure sheriff Dart would be more than willing to get involved if the property owner is a poor african american and he can get his picture in the paper.

  3. Anonymous9/20/2011

    your wastin your time. Nobody gives a damn about a tree that might or might not fall.

  4. Anonymous9/22/2011

    There is another dead tree hanging over the sidewalk. S side of 111th Street between Campbell and Maplewood.

  5. Anonymous9/24/2011

    there is a guy who is almost dead who drinks at TR'S every day. He is going to fall over any day now

  6. Anonymous9/24/2011

    How about the local politician that parks his Buick in a handicapped zone, pointing the wrong way, while he runs into the Mount Greenwood post office, at 8.15 this morning. Nice going buddy.

  7. Anonymous9/25/2011

    What color was that Buick?