Friday, September 2, 2011

$190 Million ?

Rahm wants to cut the CPD budget by $190 million. Is that possible? Where can they make the cuts? Will our neighborhood's safety be affected?


  1. Anonymous9/02/2011

    Damn right it will.

    Not enough people calling 911 any time they see something. That is why there are so many ODPO's riding around here on their way to and from work, special employment, late night runs to CVS, Jewel, etc.

    Beat 2211 residents need to call for EVERYTHING, nothing is too small, keep that Beat car west of those tracks.

    If somebody does not look like they live in the neighborhood, then call. Let the police determine their legitimacy, don't you become apathetic. Call!

  2. Anonymous9/02/2011

    Eliminate the Traffic Section for starters. Nothing but political hacks.

  3. Anonymous9/03/2011

    the cuts are coming. everyone needs to arm themselves.

  4. Anonymous9/03/2011

    I am seeing allot of young negroes walking around the wood. What is happening?

  5. Anonymous9/03/2011

    rtd from 022 ten years ago and said then if people knew how little they had protection on the west end they would march on the ward office and city hall, you better wake up because the nigs are making major foraging raids into the white areaS WHERE YOU LIVE, AND BTW Ginger left because she found out how much she was hated on these blogs, speaking of political entitlement i worked with a young female on afternoons who had about a year on the job who had balls to tell me that through her hubby the ward boss 19th said she was not to go east of western,there was a major shoot out over by halstead and i flew over there this kid was in a panic, we are leaving our post, were going to get in trouble etc etc. i notified zone we were going and he oked it, we went into a dope house where a nig had his head shot off with a shot gun. i had to steady her lol. so folks see what you get,

  6. Anonymous9/04/2011

    prepare for the coming riots in 2012 when obama loses the election!

  7. Anonymous9/05/2011

    Is the 19th Ward still selling CPD Jobs and Promotions? I have a few sisters that want to be Sgt's, Lt's, and Captains. How much for all ? None are outstanding Cops, so they'll fit right in.

  8. Anonymous9/05/2011

    No doubt about it. The retired cop who posted above is a liar.

  9. Anonymous9/07/2011

    no, i dont think that rtd cop is a liar, i saw the same shit myself in 022 when i went in there yrs back from 007th dist,the same ass lickers and back stabbers must of been there when he was there, the young women with the poss, exception of maybe two told you up front that they were not to go east of Wood back then,what a comical depressing place to end up in,