Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's all about us.

I'm a resident who loves living here. I'm not alone. My profile is local catholic schools local college city job never want to retire and I never want to have to move. For fun I go to sox games watch the sox at a local bar or my basement go to games at Kennedy Park or Mt. Greenwood Park and fundraisers at Bourbon Street. If I'm not working on Sundays we go to church then to breakfast. I love God my family this neighborhood our way of life and taking computer classes at Daley college. I want to pass all of this on to my children and maybe their children. I ask why not?

I think we control our destiny. If everyone is united behind one goal then for sure we will be ok. If not then we will have to retire in Tinley Park. Something I would dread. 

I drive down Western, 111 St. 95th St. and I wonder is this the best we can do? I know there is a recession but there wasn't always a recession and lots of things didn't get done then either. What's the answer? I don't know thats why I have started this web site. To get everyone's opinion about important things and get some good ideas. 

This site is not intented to be critical of the current neighborhood leaders or institutions. I think most of them has done a very good job in difficult conditions. This site is simply a quest for ideas that may help our neighborhood even more.