Friday, June 5, 2020

What's he sorry for?

Did I miss something?
Saints quarterback Drew Brees has issued a second apology for his widely criticized comments likening kneeling during the national anthem to disrespecting America.
Brees posted a video on Instagram looking into the camera, saying again that he’s sorry, and promising to work for change.
“I know there’s not much I can say that would make things better right now, but I just want
you to see in my eyes how sorry I am for the comments I made yesterday,” Brees said. “I am sorry, and I will do better, and I will be part of the solution, and I am your ally.”
Brees said he will champion causes that work for equality for black people. But he did not say whether he has changed his view of kneeling during the national anthem, which was the central issue that saw him take so much criticism from players around the league, including on the Saints.
Teammates indicated that they accepted Brees’s apology, but this issue likely won’t go away, and the national anthem before the Saints’ first game will be watched closely, for what Brees does and what his teammates do.
It is disrespectful to kneel during the playing of the national anthem. 


  1. People usually stand for the National Anthem, unless they're ill or disabled. We salute the American Flag, not worship it. =_=

    Kneeling is reserved for some Christian denominations, which are listed online. =_=

  2. Anonymous6/05/2020

    I thought this guy was the one who would turn this shit around. Obviously, his "advisor" told him that he would suffer economically if he didn't kiss the scum ass. Too bad. Actually, the Neel down football league is my rear view mirror for the last three years.

  3. Anonymous6/05/2020

    Never say sorry it's a sign of weakness! They will fire you or make you resign anyways.

  4. Anonymous6/06/2020

    Drew Brees has done more for the people of New Orleans than any of his team-mates. Whats that? He's not entitled to an opinion? Are the thought police out there ready to pounce because he holds a different point of view. Are you paying his mortgage, his kid's tuition or medical insurance? Then go fuck off. Run your own life. Don't agree with an opinion, then don't ask for one? God this makes me nuts.