Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hug a black

I've been trying to ignore the threat of another Black Lives Matter rally but feel the need to address it now.

There is no doubt that American blacks have historically gotten the short end of the stick. That being said, the past few generations of blacks have received unprecedented amounts of governmental assistance and despite that, they as a group, seem to have have difficulty pulling themselves up by the bootstraps. Now why that is, I don't know nor do I know of any person with that knowledge. It seems to be one of the mysteries of the modern world.

The fact is that all of this controversy started when a madman (who happened to be black) tried to have a gun battle with several off duty Chicago policemen. He lost the gun battle and now the blacks are mad and attempting to characterize all of the neighborhood residents as being racist. Let's just say the causal connection is weak.

The truth is that everyday, thousands of blacks visit Mt. Greenwood without incident. They shop at Jewel, attend school, wait on the corner for the bus, eat at restaurants or simply pass through in their cars. There is absolutely never a problem.

Now we have this BLM organization, which is funded by some secret source of money, insisting that there is a problem and pointing to the shooting death of a madman as proof. Could it be that they are fabricating a problem with the intent of obtaining political mileage from it?

Black people are just like us. They have the same wants, feelings and motivations. They pray to the same God as us and pray for the same blessings. Most of all, they just want a good quality life with an expectation that their children's lives will be even better. How can anyone be take issue with that?

Do they have anger? Yes they do and often it is justified. Black children are born as innocent and pure as any other child and live in loving environments. Slowly, they learn that the white dominated society does not always treat them fairly. They develop defense mechanisms to help them cope with society's rejections. Some of that behavior is counter productive and causes white society to treat them with even  more hostility. The result is a never ending cycle of rejection-hostility-rejection-anger.

I say now is the time to try to stop that cycle. Let's not take the BLM bait. Instead, lets reach out to a black and shake their hand. Hold a door open for them, make eye contact and wish them a good day. Maybe even give them a hug and let them know that you understand what they have been through. Eventually, you may be able to draw them out of their defensive shell and everyone will be better for it.


Anonymous said...

The difficulties strike me as being a conflict between assimilation and maintaining a pride in heritage and ancestry. Though I wouldn't try to profess knowing what its like to be black, I also recognize that I wouldn't know what it was like to be mocked and scorned in the media as it existed in my grandfathers time. That was when no Irish need apply and even the Chicago Tribune would portray our ethnicity as drunken dwarfs with exaggerated features. The Trib's notion was that Irish were only here in a parasitic sense, without goals or the ability to contribute to the betterment of our communities.

Here in Chicago, Washington and Sawyer were our first black mayors, Byrne our first woman mayor. Time to get over it. Every ethnicity has heard horror stories of atrocities against our ancestors. Jews, Poles, Blacks, Irish, and all other peoples.

There is a time to lend a helping hand to those not as well off, to level the playing field. But the idea that the helping hand lent is an entitlement and an expectation that continues into perpetuity is ridiculous. There are hard truths about the world we live in. The level of violence and indifference to values of family, religion, and community are spelled out every day.

The current political correctness structure only enables the continuity of this cycle. The only person who can change your life is you. And so ask the question to determine if you want to live a harmonious life, raise children, be part of a law abiding community or prefer going about your business, with an attitude, chip on your shoulder with an expectation that life owes you a living?

No one can do anything about what's past and to live there is a desolate decision. Those who try to remain there should not expect others to do so. That goes for attitudes and prejudices. For the most part, all of us are from somewhere else. I didn't enslave you or your ancestors any more than you starved me or mine. Time goes on.

As far as going out of my way to "hug" a thug because they're misunderstood, blame yourself for misunderstanding your station in life when the options to learn are everywhere around you.

As far as BLM demonstrations go, when I feel safe to walk in Austin, or Englewood, or Auburn Gresham or Grand Crossing, maybe I'll be a little more tolerant of the noise in front of my house that isn't attributable to my neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Very very well said.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When is there going to be an honest discussion of black on white crime all of my family and friends have been victims?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with your family and friends that they are victims of so much black crime? Honestly.

Anonymous said...

When they came north in the 40's they left their sharecropper culture in places like Greenville. Sure they were segregated and many impoverished,but family ties and church were central to their nuclear and extended families. When they arrived on the trains and bus they were forced into black belts in Detroit,Chicago, Cleveland etc. the cultural restraints were gone and enter crime, drugs, illegitimacy and dependency. Their political leaders were corrupt as well. Congressman Bill Dawson ran a numbers racket in the ghetto. Academics like Hirsch never got it right until Moynihan came along and he missed a few things as well. The only hope is for them to fade away with a short life span or section 8 all of them to Winnetka and Wilmette and the kids can go to Hubbard Woods and New Trier and learn how to be goofs.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with black people? Honestly

Anonymous said...

No conceal carry laws at the time.

Anonymous said...

Its not the blacks fault.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!!! No.

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