Tuesday, June 2, 2020

21 more people shot Monday in Chiraq while the mayor runs around mf ing everyone

Seven people were wounded in separate shootings within a three-hour span.
By Sun-Times Wire Jun 2, 2020, 5:12am CDT

Twenty-one people were shot June 1, 2020, in Chicago. Sun-Times file photo

Twenty-one people were shot Monday in Chicago, seven of them within a three-hour span.

The day’s most recent shooting wounded a 28-year-old in a drive-by Monday in the East Side neighborhood on the Far South Side.

About 10:15 p.m. he was walking on the sidewalk in the 10500 block of South Ewing Avenue, when someone inside a passing green-colored SUV fired shots at him, Chicago police said.

He was taken to University of Chicago Hospital in fair condition, police said.

Less than an hour prior, a 29-year-old man was shot in Englewood on the South Side.

About 9:30 p.m. he was walking on the sidewalk in the 1300 block of West 71st Street, when he heard shots and felt a pain, police said.

He was struck in the right arm and was taken to Holy Cross hospital by a friend, police said. He is fair condition, police said.

Minutes before then, two 31-year-old men were shot, one in Logan Square on the Northwest Side and the other in West Garfield Park on the West Side.

About 9:15 p.m. the one man was standing on the sidewalk in the 3300 block of West North Avenue, when he heard shots and felt a pain, police said. At the same time the other man was in the 4200 block of West Adams Street, when he was shot in his left leg and in both of his feet.

The first man was struck in the left leg and taken to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center in fair condition, police said. The second man was taken to Loyola University Medical Center in fair condition. He refused to tell officers about the circumstances of the shootings,

A 31-year-old man was shot in South Deering on the South Side.

About 8:05 p.m. he was in the 9900 block of South Exchange Avenue, when he was shot in the upper back, police said.

She was taken to Trinity Hospital in good condition, police said.

About 10 minutes prior, a 43-year-old man was shot in Woodlawn on the South Side.

About 7:51 p.m. he was putting air in his tire at a gas station in the 500 block of East 67th Street, when he was struck in the back by a stray bullet that someone fired at the gas station building after they got into an argument with the owner, police said.

He was driven by a friend to University of Chicago Hospital for treatment, police said. He is in fair condition.

A 55-year-old man was wounded in a drive-by in the East Side neighborhood.

About 7:05 p.m. he was standing on the sidewalk in the 3600 block of East 106th Street, when someone in a passing brown-colored SUV fired shots at him, police said.

He was struck in the left leg and taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in fair condition, police said.

Fourteen other people were wounded in shootings across Chicago.

Monday’s shootings come after Chicago’s most violent weekend to date, where 82 people were shot, 22 of them fatally, citywide.


  1. Anonymous6/02/2020

    The deadline for the payment of Cook County real estate taxes has been pushed back to October 1st. This is a perfect opportunity for the County to add on a surcharge to cover the costs of rioting, looting, and police protection.

    People need to reminded of the high cost of criminal behavior.

  2. Yep, as the city and county and state go to sh-t,Lightfoot,Preckwinkle & Pritzker keep up their anti-Trump barrage. The Three Wise Men so to speak. I bet they don't get an invite to Trump's inauguration in January 2021

  3. Anonymous6/02/2020

    Mayor Larry is a monumental failure. Larry has done nothing his entire life, loves to brag that he was a federal prosecutor. Mayor Larry is tiny little person physically and intellectually, with a big mouth. Keep voting DemocRAT and their socialist/progressive platforms. Chicago got what they voted for; Mayor Larry Leftfoot, a monumental failure. Where's Governor Jaba the Hut AKA Jay Bob?

  4. Should we even worry about this anymore. After all, black lives do not matter in Chicago to the blacks that are doing the majority of the shootings. ARGH!!

  5. Yep, I just saw where Uncle Larry boldly told everyone " Not in my City" as her response to Trump sending in troops. Boy what a guy she is! Looting is still going on unchecked and he/she stands there and says the situation is under control. Reminds me of the motto of Madd magazine's Alfred E. Newman " What,me worry?"

  6. Anonymous6/02/2020


    Chicago aldermen denounce Latino violence against black residents raging through Little Village and Pilsen, also seen in Cicero lol!

    1. Meanwhile, nothing is said about Black on Black Crime, which Pilsen and Little Village didn't want from nearby Lawndale and Garfield Park. ☹️

  7. Anonymous6/02/2020


  8. none of the 22 dead shot by white policemen, so they don't "matter"

    1. Anonymous6/05/2020

      That's correct Cannon. BL's only matter when the end result is the cash register going cha ching. BTW. I never could understand the appeal of the TV show "Cannon".

  9. Anonymous6/04/2020

    Your peoples and folks are making you look bad Larry.