Saturday, May 23, 2020

Chicago cops can be horribly blunt, thus the reason why they use firemen in situations when one must be genteel

from Second City Coppers

Groot Says What Now?

  • That means Chicago has to move slow to prevent the virus from spreading and more lives being lost, Lightfoot said. She emphasized Thursday she doesn’t care if nearby cities like Evanston or bordering states like Wisconsin are opening up, saying all of Chicago’s reopening decisions would be made using data and science to protect people.

    “When I find myself in the circumstance of calling the survivors of people who have died, I don’t want their deaths to be in vain because we are so fixated on a moment of pleasure that can impact our city for a lifetime,” Lightfoot said. “And, yeah, I will say the same thing that I tell my 12-year-old: I don’t care what other people do. You’re my kid.
Listen close and listen well:
  • You are a flunky hired by the voters on a temporary basis to oversee the day-to-day functions of government - picking up the trash, clearing out the garbage, making sure the streets are swept, trees are trimmed, sewers are draining, snow gets plowed, fires get put out, cops behave. You designate people to run these departments on our behalf - they report to you (the buck stopping at your desk and all that). If you don't do it, we vote for someone else who will. "Consent of the governed" is an important phrase you might want to learn.

    You are not our ruler.

    You are not our master.

    We are not twelve, you are not our mother and we are rapidly tiring of your bullshit.
The CDC, Fauci and the science has now said masks are hardly necessary and shutdowns are deadly, economically and socially. Other states, entire other countries, are opening up and there is no spike or secondary infections of any significance. Do the correct thing and open up the city so everyone can get back to work.


  1. Anonymous5/23/2020

    Great post ! It is time she either open the city or we open it for her, she doesn't have the authority to lockdown the 3rd largest city in America with a repetitive phrase of "data and science". The data is compromised and the science has been wrong. This Globalist Mayor needs to be put in check by our Alderman, unfortunately they don't see the overreach of the Mayor. Unless they do and they are complicent in her behavior. This type of government overreach and complicatency should alarm all of us, as this is the beginning of the end of our Constitutional rights.

  2. Sometimes, bluntness is best. 😃👮

    Lori and Jay Bob have no governmental experience. They never held elective office before. ☹️

  3. Sometimes, bluntness is needed. 😃👮

    Lori and Jay Bob have no governmental experience. They never held elective office before. ☹️

  4. Anonymous5/23/2020

    Hey Mayor, who you going to get to be your pawns in this unconstitutional demand? You going to have law enforcement turn on us? Who in the ---- are you to tell us we can't live our lives the way we want to? Who is it that is going to shut down every business and lakefront if we decide to open it? You are nobody but a government official that makes sure my garbage is picked up on time. I say open everything and see what you do about it, unfortunately you have put false fear into the uniformed American. I personally won't abide by any of you violation of my Bill of Rights. Go to the Globalist that control you and see what they will do with you after your 1 term.

  5. Some say Lori wants to be US Senator and Jay Bob wants to be US President. 😑

  6. Anonymous5/24/2020


  7. Anonymous5/24/2020

    and when the town people with pitch forks and torches storm the windmill???