Saturday, November 9, 2019

Bloomberg = Single Issue Candidate

Michael Bloomberg tries to define “assault weapon”

Gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg is apparently going to get in on the 2020 presidential race.
Can you imagine someone like this being in charge of our country?


  1. I would think that the last people on Earth who would be against extreme gun control measures would be the Jews. Having no guns to defend themselves sure didn't work out too well against the Nazis did it? In fact,go ahead and ask the American Indians how well giving up their weapons worked out for them? The answer to real gun control is to keep those who use guns for crimes in jail for at least the length of their terms

    1. Anonymous11/09/2019

      Kill the murderers! Once killed, they won't murder again.

    2. Anonymous11/09/2019

      Globally, historically and presently, Blacks are affected by guns via war, slavery, gangs and crime (including murder), but they're usually the first to rally behind armed politicians and preachers crusading against guns.

    3. Anonymous11/10/2019

      If Bloomberg runs, regardless of which party he is a member of that week, my guess is that he'd take democrat votes away from democrats. Trump would win.... Maybe Trump is drafting him to run?