Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pot calling the kettle black


Kennedy rips ‘corrupt’ property tax system in shot at Dem leaders. But when the Kennedy family fixed the taxes at the Merchandise Mart, it wasn't wrong? 

In fact, as "manager of the Merchandise Mart", didn't Chris Kennedy himself oversee the fixing of taxes?  Sounds like another Blago in the making. 


Anonymous said...

Kennedys have bought everyone off. If they couldn't buy them they bullied them. Modern age criminals.

LOAfrom025 said...

All that money and this guy couldn't get to an orthodontist

Anonymous said...

Kennedys Pritzkers same playbook all scum

Anonymous said...

Hey all you Irish chumps...I mean supporters there in the 19th Ward! It's time to get the band back together...lets bring back that golden age of Irish Democrat politicians like Kennedy....remember when grandpa had a picture of JFK in the house? Well we figure you will still fall for...I mean vote for...another Kennedy because...well he's a Kennedy ! And uh...oh yeah and he's Irish too! You like politicians who are Irish like you...right? Oh I mean he isn't like you like in his views or anything though. No no no....see he is a "Progressive" who wants a super taxing super state and who hates the traditional views of the icky old Catholic no...he loves gay marriage, abortion for everyone...unrestricted immigration into our country....oh what do you mean that could hurt job prospects for your kids? What do you mean you don't support tax payer funding of dismembering viable unborn babies? You sound like someone who still believes in that old school Catholic teaching that was around for 2,000 years!

Anonymous said...

Chris Kennedy needs a lobotomy like Rosemary sick family.

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