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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

British government proves just how inept they are as Britain is invaded

Calais migrant crisis: Man dies as enter Channel Tunnel targeted 

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Migrants at Calais

A man has been killed as at least 1,500 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel in Calais on Tuesday night, French police have said.
Eurotunnel says the migrants have now been removed from the site but freight services continue to be disrupted.
France's interior minister said 120 police reinforcements were being sent to Calais, news agency AFP reported.
It comes as David Cameron pledged that the UK government would do everything it could to combat the crisis.
Sections of the M20 in Kent are closed in both directions to allow extra lorry parking as part of Operation Stack.

'Nightly' incursions

The man who died is described as Sudanese, aged between 25 and 30.
He was probably crushed by a truck which was exiting one of the shuttles that transport vehicles through the tunnel, French police said.
He is the ninth person to die trying to access the tunnel since June.


Travel latest

  • M20 closed London-bound from J9 to J8 and closed coast-bound from J8 to J11
  • Eurotunnel says its passenger services are running, with a delay of an hour on the UK side and some disruption on the French side
  • Freight services face a one-hour delay before check-in on the UK side; with a four-hour wait to check in in France
  • P&O ferries and DFDS Seaways say all their services are operating to schedule between Dover and Calais

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Border Crisis

Border Crisis Truth: Democrats Do NOT Want to Stop Illegals!

Why do thoughtful politicians express surprise and outrage over the situation at the border?
To be honest, nothing has changed.
Democrats, led by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all the rest have never been interested, and never will be, in any measure that limits the number of illegal aliens entering the US, and are just as emphatically opposed to deportations and other actions that would reduce the millions of invaders already here.
This is so because Democrats universally see uneducated, impoverished aliens as the only way to grow the Democrat party. What is best for America and the future of citizens is irrelevant and unimportant, in the minds of Democrats.
Consider the recent battle in the Senate: Some Republicans were willing to consider amnesty PROVIDED the border was secured first.
Democrats flatly rejected all such proposals.
The entire Democrat plan is based on hoodwinking enough RINOs to get amnesty passed, including a path to citizenship and voting rights.
Once amnesty is accomplished and tens of millions are added to the Democrat Party rolls, Obama and friends will simply ignore any part of the law that calls for deportations and or border security, just as successive administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have done since the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) was signed into law by President Reagan in 1986.
Obama’s blatant indifference to the current border crisis provides more than ample evidence that the Democrat Party is hell-bent on growing the party, and to Hades with rule of law!
In effect, Democrats want to use illegal aliens as a tool to bring about a political coup that will reduce conservative influence, while growing a population of docile socialists.
John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California