Thursday, June 23, 2016

O'Shea was out in the storm last night!

The Best
I saw him driving around two times last night, during and after the storm. He was checking on flooding and downed trees. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a chain saw in that SUV. 

We are fortunate to have a capable alderman who also has lots of integrity. This guy works his ass off and gets things done 


  1. Anonymous6/23/2016


  2. Anonymous6/23/2016

    A good guy. I hope he is not corrupted

  3. Anonymous6/24/2016

    He's just a good guy.

  4. Anonymous6/24/2016

    He will make a great sheriff when Dart is finally put into a strait jacket and comitted to Manteno.

  5. Anonymous6/25/2016

    Will you also publish O'Shea's city council voting record?

  6. Anonymous6/29/2016

    Matt, stay off this blog!!!!

  7. Anonymous7/02/2016

    The new crosswalks in Mount Greenwood look good.

  8. Anonymous7/04/2016

    I have to say that Matt's style is refreshing. So different from the previous regime where they made people show up on Monday nights and beg for something OR the party official (who I think is still around) who would flaunt power by mother fucking everyone here and downtown. It was that unchecked behavior that ultimately led to the gradual decline of the regime. They are no more and as sure as there is a God their idiot kids are paying the price for the parents power binge.