Friday, December 30, 2016


Police helicopter action at 109th an Artesian going on right now. 

Putin outflanks Obama again!

Following this morning's reports that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would recommend to Russian President Vladimir Putin a retaliation in kind, and expel 35 American diplomats, saying that “we cannot leave such acts unanswered. Reciprocity is part of diplomatic law"  with Putin spokesman Peskov adding that "there is no doubt that Russia's adequate and mirror response will make Washington officials feel very uncomfortable as well", it was ultimately up to Putin to decide how to respond to the US.
Which he did on Friday morning, when in a stunning reversal, the Russian leader took the high road, rejected the Lavrov proposal, and in a statement posted by the Kremlin said that Russia won’t expel any Americans in retaliation to US moves, in a brutal demonstration of just how irrelevant Obama's 11th hour decision is for US-Russian relations. 

Putin then invited all of the U.S. diplomats and their families to the Kremlin for a New Years Day party. 
Much smarter than Obama
The reversal comes as Russian officials portrayed U.S. sanctions as a last act of a lame-duck president and suggested that Trump could reverse them when he takes over the White House in January.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

What were they thinking?


“The price of failure."

With this one, all sales are likely final.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I still say he is not running again.

Come back year my ass. Word is Rahm got edged out on being named by Trump as the new ambassador to Israel

That was why he and his brothers were meeting with Trump a few weeks ago. They were begging, pleading for something "respectable" for Rahm. "He needs to get out of Chicago". 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix

Prince Charles is talking down to everyone again!

Perhaps this asshole is referring to the similarities to the 1930's in terms of how the world has again experienced an over-abundance of pussified politicaly-correct leaders; who were stopped before they turned western civilization over to the third world. All this guy has to do is look out the window at Windsor Castle. England and most of Europe is screwed. 

Rahm's Emails


SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE - In a surprise reversal that ends a marathon legal battle, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has agreed to release a virtual “treasure trove” of his private emails and ban city employees from using their private emails to conduct city business.

Emanuel’s year-end change of heart follows a parade of Freedom of Information requests denied by the city and lawsuits filed by the Better Government Association and the Chicago Tribune.

It also follows more than a year of litigation and two court rulings against the city by Circuit Court judges who maintained that the emails of public officials cannot escape Freedom of Information requests simply because they are on a private email account.
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Emanuel agrees to release private emails, ending court fight
The lengthy legal battle was contrary to Emanuel’s campaign promise to shine the light on city government and run a transparent administration.

Going forward, Emanuel vowed to implement a new city policy that prohibits city employees from “using their private or other non-city email accounts for the transaction of public business.”

The policy will be spelled out in writing to all city employees. It will instruct city employees that, if they receive an email pertaining to city business on a non-city account, the email must be promptly forwarded to the city email account. Failure to comply with the new policy “may subject the employee or officials to discipline.”

To underscore his commitment to the new policy, Emanuel released his private emails after the close of business on Wednesday. The massive information dump was reminiscent of what he did last New Year’s Eve with information pertaining to the police shooting of Laquan McDonald and other controversial police shootings.

BGA President and CEO Andy Shaw welcomed the agreement, even as he acknowledged that it should not have taken this long to persuade Emanuel to honor his promise to be transparent.

“This is a major victory in the fight for transparency at City Hall. It gives us access to information that the public is entitled to. And the policy change should make it clear that you cannot use a private email account to avoid transparency,” Shaw said.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Time to wake up


Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.58.55 PMBerlin Christmas market tragedy | Photo from Sacramento Bee
By John F. Di Leo -
On Monday, December 19, the last shopping week before Christmas, an islamofascist terrorist (most likely a recently-arrived “refugee,” as over a million such have arrived in Germany from the middle east this year alone) hijacked a truck and charged through a Berlin Christmas market, killing at least a dozen innocent shoppers, injuring some fifty more… in exactly the way that ISIS has been ordering its pretend “lone wolves” to attack innocents.
As Europeans have watched their birthrate plummet, leaving the tax base for their generous pensions in doubt, they have opened their doors to unfettered immigration.  First, we saw England’s open doors welcome in Pakistanis and Indians, and Germany’s open doors welcome Turks… then the procession became a flood, as Angela Merkel and her

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The latest corporate scam

I was in a local Panera Bread today. I ordered a sandwich and drink. I paid with a charge card. The order taker, a very nice kid, asked me if I wanted to leave a tip. On the charge card panel was the question. DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE A TIP? YES or NO.

I have never encountered this at a fast food restaurant before. I told the order taker that this was high pressure. I then gave her a $5.00 bill which she accepted. I don't think I will ever go back to a Panera Bread again.

Are they not paying their employees enough?
Are they not factoring in the cost of labor into their products?
Are they giving all of the tip money to the employees or just a portion of it?

Who can lead the dems to victory in 2018?

Now that U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin has decided to stay in Washington, Illinois Democrats finally have come to the realization that, to unseat the hated Gov. Bruce Rauner, they're going to need a candidate to run against him.
The last couple of weeks have been abuzz with Democrats from Cairo to Waukegan suddenly strutting their stuff, waving their checkbooks and leaking tidbits to friendly media. If anything there are too many

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Final Hours of George Washington


Washington on his deathbed by junius brutus stearns 
By John F. Di Leo -  
Reflections on the anniversary of the death of General Washington
On December 12, 1799, General George Washington, at 67 years of age, was still a busy and healthy man. 
Despite the snow and ice that day, he rode around his holdings at Mount Vernon, as was customary, checking on the ongoing projects, such as improvements to the main building and consideration of improvements to outbuildings, along with everything else that a busy plantation must do in the winter. 
Even when the land shuts down for the season, there’s still work to do, when you make your own clothes for your staff of hundreds, when you cure your own meats in a

Who hacked state of Georgia computers?

DHS is the prime suspect. Watch for this investigation to be opened by DOJ once Trump is sworn in. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sandy Bury

Sandra Bury Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign for Second Term as Oak Lawn Mayor

I know nothing about her or the town. I avoid driving through there when I have been drinking, unless I am going to Chuck E Cheese.

By Lorraine Swanson (Patch Staff) 

OAK LAWN, IL -- Mayor Sandra Bury was among the early filers to submit their nomination petitions for the April 4, 2017 consolidated election. In doing so, Bury officially kicked off her reelection campaign as an independent candidate for village president/mayor of Oak Lawn.

"It has been an incredible privilege to serve the community I love as Mayor. These past four years have gone by very quickly, and there is much more work to be done." Bury said in a news release. "We have a great team in place."

Bury was first elected in 2013, running on a platform of increased transparency, fair share payments from Advocate Christ Medical Center in lieu of taxes, economic development and fiscal responsibility. She says she kept her promises to the taxpayers of Oak Lawn in her first term.

Under Bury's tenure, Oak Lawn is one of the few municipalities in Illinois that have actually lowered property taxes, her announcement release said..

"We are voting on Tuesday [Dec. 13] to approve the 2017 budget, which lowers the tax levy for the fourth year in a row,” the mayor said. “There is no justification to raise property taxes unless all other options are exhausted."

Bury said it has taken a team effort to do more with less. In addition to helping to negotiate a historic $3.2 million payment from Advocate Christ Medical Center, Bury claims that she and her team have grown the local economy, made job creation a priority, eliminated pensions for part-time politicians, have adopted a public policy for paying down debt, funding pensions and maintaining Oak Lawn's infrastructure.

Recently Standard & Poor's has increased Oak Lawn's rating after years of downgrades. Her Shop Oak Lawn initiative has been an important part of efforts to lower property taxes.

"The more revenue comes from other sources, the less that is needed from property taxes," she says.

The addition of Coopers Hawk, Mariano's and the other businesses at Stony Creek Promenade and throughout Oak Lawn have boosted sales tax revenue for the village and have made Oak Lawn a shopping destination for the surrounding area, according to Bury..

"It's about time that our neighbors are coming to Oak Lawn to shop for a change," she said.

From the rat's ass file


CHICAGO - Monday, former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr filed for "dissolution of marriage" from Sandi, his wife of 25 years.
The once-political power couple has been through a rough three years. Jackson served 23 months in federal prison before his wife, a former Chicago alderman, entered for the one year prison sentence she is now completing. 
Sandi and Jesse Jackson both pleaded guilty in August 2013 to various schemes relating to the looting of his congressional campaign fund. The former South Side 7th Ward alderman and the former 2nd Congressional District lawmaker each went to prison for diverting $750,000 from campaign funds for their personal use between 2005 and 2012.
The former congressman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit false statements and mail and wire fraud, his wife to filing a false federal income tax return.
More HERE.

Monday, December 12, 2016

More Chinese Junk

Does anybody have Keurig Coffee Brewing System  that has not broke after 6 months? 

Matt O'Shea and BLM

It's been 30 days since BLM unfairly targeted our neighborhood with blanket accusations of racism. It's over now.  I want to acknowledge the efforts of Alderman O'Shea who arose to the occasion and walked, talked, did whatever he had to do to get those people out of here. O'Shea gave it 110%.  

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Quote of the day

"On 95th street or Western would be good too". 

Chuck e Cheese executive

Thursday, December 8, 2016

John Glenn


Maybe it’s time to give the generals a chance

Trump hires a third general, raising concerns about heavy military influence

Trump's Transition: Who is Gen. John F. Kelly?

Play Video1:49
President-elect Donald Trump has selected retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly as secretary of homeland security, officials familiar with the decision said Wednesday, recruiting a third former member of the military’s brass to serve at

Is the Board of Education handing out sweetheart contracts?

Sweetheart deal? Possible Coverup?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Today is Pearl Harbor Day


We dodged another bullet on Nov. 8: Pro-Hillary celebratory party with naked men in body paint

We dodged so many bullets on November 8, the foremost being the reign of Queen Hillary, it’s hard to keep count.
Here’s another one: a Manhattan fashion public relations company, owned by two homosexuals, had planned a bacchanalian “holiday” party at Christmas time celebrating Hillary’s win, which would have featured nude “male models” sporting only stars-and-stripes body paint.
As reported by Richard Johnson for the New York Post, Dec. 6, 2016, the p.r. company LaForce, which reps Target, Banana Republic and Williams-Sonoma, to name a few, has canceled its holiday party because of Trump’s victory.
LaForce’s owners, James LaForce and his husband, Stephen Henderson, had booked Irving Plaza for a thousand guests on Dec. 19 and designed an invitation showing Hillary Clinton as an American flag-waving Santa with the words, “Make America Merry Again.”
LaForce had bought thousands of feet of red, white and blue bunting, and had lined up male models to pose in nothing but stars-and-stripes body paint. Instead, LaForce sent out a letter stating:
“We envisioned an extra-cheerful celebration of Hillary Clinton’s presidency . . . Alas, Election Day did not go as we’d hoped. So it’s with deep regret that we are canceling this year’s party.”
LaForce told N.Y. Post, “We just decided we couldn’t go through with it.” He said he and Henderson were on a bullet train in Japan following the election results on his iPhone, as his employees in New York were crying.
LaForce sent the money that would have been spent on the party to baby-killer Planned Parenthood, Housing Works and the Stonewall Foundation. He said he isn’t worried about blow back from Republican clients such as Perry Ellis president Oscar Feldenkreis who’d contributed to the campaigns of Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee because “Everybody gets where we are coming from.” Wink, wink.
In December 2014, LaForce and Henderson held a “holiday” party at The Eagle leather bar in Chelsea, with guys with leather dog faces. Even Santa wore a leather mask.
As reported by Zachary Weiss for Page Six, Dec. 16, 2014, a guest at the party, illustrator Richard Haines, gushed that the guys with leather dog faces was “genius” because, as he put it, “the holidays are so S&M anyway . . . I loved it.”

How stupid!

SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE - City workers removed the two remaining honorary “Trump Plaza” street signs near the President-elect’s riverfront hotel and condominium tower over the weekend, putting an exclamation mark on officials’ decision to slight Donald Trump in retaliation for painting the city as a dystopian “war zone” on the campaign trail, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.
Crews took down the signs “in the normal course of business” about 8 a.m. Sunday from their posts at intersections along Wabash at Hubbard and Illinois, according to Michael Claffey, public affairs director for the city’s Department of Transportation. A third sign about half a block south of Hubbard was stolen in October.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Priority


Foxx wants a Felony Review unit at all police shootings!

Watch the crime rate start to go through the roof when the criminals figure out that they are not the priority. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mad Dog

He's back 

All the military Brass that sold their souls to Obama and adopted his socialist beliefs will soon be gone. They will be lucky if they don't get a firing squad. The Pentagon will again be staffed by patriots. 

our greatest strength?


Friday, December 2, 2016

After 30 days of silence, he speaks

Mayor Dart
SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE - Residents who have experienced hate crimes or been discriminated against can now call a hotline at the Cook County sheriff’s office to report the incident.

Anyone who feels they are being threatened or targeted as a result of their religion, race, nationality or sexual orientation should use the hotline, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. The number for the hotline is (773) 674-4357.

The 24/7 hotline will receive a direct response from the sheriff’s office staff that will be able to connect callers to other helpful agencies or legal assistance, the sheriff’s office said.

“With the FBI reporting spikes in hate crimes nationwide, this will act as a pro-active resource,” Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart said. “Hate crimes should not be dismissed as a fleeting issue or only a problem outside of Cook County.”

The idea for a dedicated hotline came after Dart heard of increasing fear and intimidation in the county’s minority communities, especially the Muslim American community, according to the sheriff’s office.

“To protect the real strength of our community, our diversity, we must stand up for these good people,” Dart said.

He has some real concerns!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pelosi / The Dems just don't get it.

The USA is making a right hand turn and US House Dems selects a 76 year old socialist to lead them. That's going to work out real fine. 

He's playing with him!

Check out this photo from last nite's dinner. Study their faces. Trump is like a cat that finally caught that rat. He is going to play with him for awhile. Romney is seen here begging for the chance to be Secretary of State. Al this after Romney took to the airways last summer, MF ing Trump. 

There is no way Romney is going to be Secretary of State. He is totally unqualified and can't be trusted. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Today is Sunday, Hallelujah

Cops get a message

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson on Saturday said he’s relieving the sergeant involved in the shooting death of a 19-year-old man of his police powers.
In a written statement emailed to the media, Johnson said he took the action because the department still has “many unanswered questions” about Wednesday night’s shooting in West Englewood.
The message here is don't shoot anybody. If you do, your job and personal liberty could be at risk. Better yet, don't carry any bullets. 
The is all because the politicians have decided the police are expendable. It doesn't matter that the missing gun (being a high priced commodity in that neighborhood) may have been picked up by someone else. The decedent's prior felony arrest mean nothing either. There is now a presumption against the police.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton has had someone file for a recount.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said in a tweet Friday that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, unofficially working on behalf of Hillary Clinton, has filed a petition for a recount of the state's votes after a respected Michigan election security expert and others said that though unlikely, the only way to know if the election was hacked in three key swing states was to recount the ballots.
Petitions were filed by both Stein's campaign and that of “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, the independent candidate for president for both the Reform Party and the American Delta Party. De La Fuente was on the ballot in 20 states and eligible for write-on in 17 other states.
It's unclear when the recount will begin. The recount petitions were filed hours before the deadline to do so in Wisconsin passed at 5 p.m. Friday. 
Stein said in a tweet that the recount will begin next week and that volunteers are needed to assist.

Could it be that Liberals have become Mentally Ill?

Read this for some perspective

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why did the city pay for this?

An Instigator of Racial Division
Black Lives Matter is a BS organization and everyone knows it. It is headed by paid agitators who shouldn't even get the time of day. Yet, the city of Chicago brought 35 of them to Mt. Greenwood on this past Sunday afternoon so they could hurl racial accusations at the library. They brought them in on 3 CTA buses, paid for by the city. 

Last I checked, the government was supposed to preserve peace and order. This city government seems to be hell bent on opening racial wounds which healed years ago. The shocking thing is that local leaders went along with it. 

What the Democratic Party has become

Printed in 2014
Something has gone wrong with the Democratic Party. There was a day when Democrats and Republicans held out the same goals for our country, but disagreed on how to reach them. There was a day – as recently as the administration of President John F. Kennedy – when the two parties could unite against a common enemy like Communism.
President John F. Kennedy (Photo:
President John F. Kennedy (Photo:
Those days are over.
Maybe it was Vietnam. Maybe it was Watergate. Maybe it was the left-wing candidacy of George McGovern. But whatever the tipping point was, today’s Democratic Party has turned mean and evil. Today’s Democrats don’t just just want to defeat their political opponents; they want to destroy them. They smear conservatives, take them to court, get them indicted, and allege that they are conducting “wars” on every conceivable group of people.
Today’s Democrats are liars.
This is not to say that the Party’s rank-and-file are all bad people. We are talking about the Democrats that are in charge – the ones you see as talking heads on TV and the ones that create a lot of the policies

Closing in on $20 Trillion

What 8 years of Obama and Obama thinking got us

Worst President of all-time

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Peace march and other B.S.

Attention Mt. Greenwood residents; This afternoon, activist members of Black Lives Matter and members of the media looking for a story, any story, are staging a "peace" march at 111th and Kedzie Ave. This march is in response to fabricated allegations of racism which were perpetuated by the media after a madman waving a gun around in a threatening manner, was shot by police. 

Since most of us do not harbor racist thoughts and motives, this march should be a non-event. It has nothing to do with us unless we allow ourselves to be drawn in. We have seen what BLM did in Ferguson and Baltimore. Fueled by the media, they were able to characterize non-racial events as racism. Lets not give them the validity they do not deserve. Stay home and watch NFL football. Don't take the bait. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Attention: City of Chicago Retirees

Aetna is offering an affordable and excellent health insurance policy which should be considered as an alternative to the Blue Cross package being shoved down your throat. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

This is something that probably should have been done years ago

‘Hard truths’ in discussion of race relations in Mt. Greenwood

Activist Jedidiah Brown addresses reporters after attending a three-hour long meeting to discuss race relations at a Mt. Greenwood high school Wednesday evening. | Sam Charles/Sun-Times

Mount Greenwood residents and activists met for the second time Wednesday evening to discuss race relations in the Far South Side neighborhood in the wake of protests that were sparked by a fatal police shooting earlier this month.

The meeting of about 45 people — which began at 6:30 p.m. at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences and ran until about 9:25 p.m. — was “tough” but “beautiful,” according to some attendees.

“We dealt with some very hard truths, some very hard realities as Americans in the city of Chicago,” said Jedidiah Brown, an activist. “We decided not to judge each other by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character, which came out in these hard conversations.”

Brown added that he was “honored” to have been able to meet “with some of the most brilliant minds in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood.”

Glen Brooks, an area coordinator with the Chicago Police Department, moderated the meeting and said the topics discussed were wide-ranging and there was “a healthy exchange.”

“At moments, it was tense, but the goal was to make progress, which they did,” Brooks said.

Another meeting to discuss race relations was held Tuesday night, and other events are being scheduled, according to Brooks.

Representatives from the Independent Police Review Authority were also in attendance and gave an explanation of their investigation process.

IPRA Chief Administrator Sharon Fairley told reporters she was proud to see the community addressing race relations.

“To see people whose sole goal is to try to come together to achieve peace and harmony and work out their differences in a positive and constructive way. . . . This is just tremendously important,” Fairley said.

Meeting attendees said a “solidarity dinner” will be held with community residents and activists at St. Christina Parish in Mount Greenwood.

At the beginning of the meeting, Brooks told the attendees that Tuesday’s meeting had been tense at times, though there was progress.

“We decided that we wanted to continue to have a frank and honest conversation,” Brooks said. “And I can tell you honestly there was a point in that conversation that it got heated. There were some exchanges, but everyone agreed this conversation has to go forward.”

Shortly after, Brooks asked a Chicago Sun-Times reporter to leave the meeting to allow the attendees to speak more freely. Other media outlets that arrived soon after also were not allowed inside.

The meeting came less than a week after Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson, Ald. Matt O’Shea (19th) and the principal of Marist High School had a meeting with representatives from Black Lives Matter Youth at Chicago Public Schools headquarters downtown.

In that meeting, Johnson agreed to meet once a month with Black Lives Matter Youth to discuss race relations in the city.
That meeting was prompted after a protest planned at Marist was canceled after potential protesters received death threats. That initial protest was aimed to be in response to “racially charged” social media posts involving Marist students following the shooting death of Joshua Beal by a Chicago Police officer earlier this month.‘Hard truths’ in discussion of race relations in Mount Greenwood

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Tim Kaine Cites Importance of Senate Democrats as Check on Trump

Democratic vice presidential nominee back to work at the Capitol
Posted Nov 15, 2016 7:21 PM

Sen. Tim Kaine was back at the Capitol Tuesday with a raised profile, and reflective after his ill-fated vice presidential bid.

The Virginia Democrat said he would be focusing his energy on the same issues he had before, particularly military issues important to his home state and his work on the Foreign Relations Committee. He was fully aware that Senate Democrats may be spending a lot of time blockading the agenda of President-elect Donald Trump.

“The role of the Democratic Senate minority is going to be very, very important. And so it’s nice to get back to work after a little bit of kvetching to my wife and her kvetching to me over the weekend,” Kaine said.

“Because of the role of a Senate minority, you know, we have the ability to cast a very clear spotlight on things. We have the ability in some instances to slow things down that should have been slowed down and even the ability to stop things,” Kaine told reporters. “So, my motto coming back is advance everywhere we can and defend everywhere we must.”

Kaine said he was not going to prejudge decisions made by Trump, but the designation of Breitbart News executive Stephen Bannon as a top adviser in the White House next year did raise alarm bells for him.

“I will say this: the Bannon appointment deeply concerns me, putting somebody in with a history of connection to white nationalism, to anti-semitism, and to put that in a principal role,” he said. “I’m disturbed, but anybody’s who’s followed the campaign can’t be surprised at it. I mean, this is not an aberration. This is part of who Donald Trump is and who his supporters are.”

Last week’s defeat was the first of Kaine’s career as an elected official, and he now faces the prospect of a contest for his Senate seat in 2018.

“Thoreau said, ‘I love my fate to the very core and rind.’ It’s not all fruit, you know, there’s core and rind to it, so that’s part of life,” Kaine said of the loss.