Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mt. Hope Cemetery


Below is information about a neighborhood meeting to be held Aug. 30.
Kennedy Park, 7:30 PM. We need a heavy turnout for this.  We are not putting up with this crap.
Hello everyone, I want to let you all know the latest updates on the
Mt.HopeCemetery gang funerals. The police response has been very good, as always, between the CPD (022nd district) and the CCSP, however we still have been having serious issues which need to end. Below is a list of recent activity regarding the Mt.Hope cemetery gang funerals.
1.) On the 18th of May, a CPD officer attempted to stop a reckless driver in a gang funeral going into Mt Hope at the location of 115th and Fairfield Ave. The driver fled the scene and nearly rammed two CPD vehicles as he took off in high speed, heading north on Washtenaw. Washtenaw is a "one way" going south. The vehicle continued on this “one way street” towards 107th St, and then proceeded east bound, where he threw a loaded .09mm handgun into an alley. CPD (022nd district) continued to follow this offender and finally took him into custody at 101st and Western. This offender had a warrant and was a convicted felon in possession of a handgun. The 022nd district officers were also able to recover the handgun before being found by one of our children in the neighborhood. Great job to 022nd district, and thank you for your continued support.
2) On the 20th of July officers from the 022nd district pulled one vehicle out of a procession because he was driving reckless and ticketed him.
3) One week later, on the 27th of July, several more vehicles taking part in a gang funeral were spotted running vehicles off the road between 107th St. from Longwood Dr. to Western. The driver almost struck an innocent female pedestrian who happened to be walking at 107th and Longwood Dr. Once the procession hit Western Ave. and continued south bound to 111th St, several cars in the procession continued on with their reckless driving and hanging out their windows flashing gang signs. The procession was intercepted by 022nd district officers once again, and several cars in the procession were identified as the vehicles causing the problems. CPD took an aggressive step toward fighting these out of control gang funerals, and arrested three drivers and towed all three of their vehicles. Even Alderman Matt O’Shea witnessed the reckless disregard of traffic safety rules committed by these drivers.
4) The following Friday, 3rd of August, CPD took a very proactive approach toward these gang funerals and intercepted one before it even reached our Morgan Park Neighborhood. CPD observed several vehicles in a procession proceeding westbound on 119th, just east of I-57, and again arrested three more gang bangers for driving reckless and flashing gang signs out the window.
5) On the 6th of August, an on duty CCSP Sgt. was on his way to work in his police vehicle at 115th and just west of Fairfield Ave. The Sgt. observed a reckless driving vehicle in a gang funeral procession, as the procession was getting ready to pull into Mt Hope Cemetery. The Sgt. pulled the vehicle over and several people from other cars in that procession. All drivers from the vehicles got out confronting the Sgt. In a very aggressive manner. Fortunately, officers from nearby came to the aid of this Sergeant, and the drivers was placed under arrest and the vehicles were towed.
6.) A few weeks ago, a young Beverly couple was walking their baby in a stroller on the sidewalk of a 115th St. A beautiful afternoon was quickly ruined by a car nearly striking the couple and baby because the vehicle had left the funeral procession line and drove onto the sidewalk. The car just missed hitting the family by a few inches. The couple was outraged and frightened. Many residents who live in the apartment complex on 115th have also complained about their safety being jeopardized by reckless gang funeral driving.
Thank you all for taking the time to read this. We as a community need to come together and put an end to this gang activity within these processions. These incidents are not the first, nor will they be the last if we do not take action in ending this corruption. The reckless activities and danger that these funerals place on our neighborhood needs to end. I hate to sound harsh, but if we don’t come together in numbers, someone (child, mother, father, police officer, etc) is going to get hurt. Please send this out to as many people in our area as possible. Also keep in mind this is a peaceful movement against gang activity within funeral processions in our neighborhood and it’s intent is to end violence.
Community meeting will be held on Thursday, 30 August 2012, at Kennedy Park, located on 113th and Campbell at 7:30 pm. I do encourage your participation, we need as much support and assistance in coming up with a plan or solution to end this reckless activity. Please join us in our continued effort with this cause. We will be in the west baseball diamond area. Please feel free to bring a chair.