Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Law Does Not Take a Knee

From Second City Coppers

We thought we were not supposed to make political statements while in uniform. Explain this?

They are from 002. They have two and five years on the job. They are kneeling in front of protestors who were calling for the deaths of police officers.

What in the actual fuck???

This country was founded under the Rule of Law. Imperfect as it may be, it is - by far - superior to anything currently (or historically) in existence. And believe it or not, while on duty as police officers (and any government official for that matter) we represent The Law.

Do you have any fucking idea what you are symbolizing when The Law kneels before anyone? 
  • You are saying that The Law will kneel to the mob.
You have also, by ignorance or design, endangered every single Law Enforcement Officer from that point forward into history. You are not worthy of the badge, star or shield of any Department. You are scum who cannot be counted upon to back your co-workers in the most desperate of circumstances because you brought personal feelings into what is supposed to be a dispassionate application of what all citizens live under.

Are we wrong sometimes? Yep. There are mechanisms to hold us accountable - not the mob.

Are Laws unjust or ill-thought? Sure. There are ways to appeal, repeal or amend - not via mob.

Should we strive to do better? Always.

But you have surrendered the the mob.

And you are true assholes who should be removed from the street, and made to resign immediately.


  1. It's modern day idolatry. People shouldn't worship people. ☹️👮

  2. Anonymous6/06/2020

    Turn in your badge resign! You are on your own I'm not backing you up or responding to your calls for help.

  3. Anonymous6/06/2020

    Where's her face covering? Get a CR on her!

  4. Anonymous6/07/2020

    Was Firewater open for business yesterday?

  5. Anonymous6/07/2020


  6. Anonymous6/07/2020

    Not a Cop but only a mere police officer......

  7. What exactly does marching, chanting, moments of silence, fists raised in the air and kneeling on one knee accomplish?

  8. Anonymous6/08/2020

    What does walking around with ones pants hanging down exposing underwear accomplish? At this time I have more questions than answers.

    1. It's a male fashion statement, similar to some women wearing almost nothing. 😃 B-)