Sunday, August 18, 2019

America In An Age Of Incivility, Propaganda, And Violence

August 18, 2019By REY FLORES
Another week, another mass shooting — actually two shootings this time. Between Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, over 30 people lost their lives last week.
Of course, the propagandist fake news media, and the Democrats, but I repeat myself, immediately tried to pin blame on none other than President Trump. They say that because of Trump’s supposedly divisive, inflammatory, and “racist” rhetoric, he is “empowering white nationalists” to act out violently against non-whites.
Since the Democrats’ entire Russia collusion farce fell apart after Robert Mueller failed to deliver the goods against Trump a few weeks back, they went back to beating the dead horse of racism. From gropey old Joe Biden to that despicable “squad” of four freshman congresswomen, the left has nothing else.
Apparently, the Dayton shooter was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren, but the fake news media won’t report that. And while the El Paso shooter may have had some anti-immigrant sentiments, the shooter never mentioned President Trump in any of his online screeds and posts — but that doesn’t stop the media from running with that narrative.
It is one thing for the media to lie and to be biased, but we have now entered a new era of incivility when with each passing day, we will see more acts of violence being committed because of the propaganda being fed to an already unstable and Godless populace.

It’s no laughing matter when people wearing “Make America Great Again” hats are being violently attacked in public places by these unhinged lunatics. Heck, I put my life at risk every day by driving around with a Trump bumper sticker on my car, but I refuse to let the leftist nut jobs deny me my First Amendment rights.
As I’ve said before, all during the Obama presidency, it used to annoy me seeing people driving around with their Obama-Biden bumper stickers, or wearing those stupid Obama “Hope” t-shirts, but never in a million years would it have crossed my mind to in any sense hurt any of these folks.
And remember Republican Cong. Steve Scalise? He almost lost his life to a bullet that came from one James Hodgkinson, a reported Bernie Sanders supporter back in June 2017. Hodgkinson went on a shooting spree as Republican congressmen were practicing for a congressional baseball game against the Democrats. While Scalise was the one who took the worst hit, Hodgkinson was gunning for all of the representatives on that field.
Where does this all end? How many more people need to die because of the incredibly irresponsible, or deliberate and complicit, narrative the news media are pushing. Not one day or news cycle can go by without some meathead leftist political pundit further fanning the flames of divisiveness by giving a platform to equally evil leftist politicians.
How can any of these so-called journalists, editors, publishers, pundits, and especially the twisted politicians think that what they do on a daily basis is good for our country? The answer is that what is best for our country is the furthest thing from their disturbed minds. They don’t want unity. They want a new civil war.
A lot of this ties back to George Soros and his Open Societies Foundation, which funds everything from abortion, the homosexual agenda in its various forms, socialism, and countless radical news outlets.
Is the collective left that upset that Obama didn’t get the job done in his eight years of occupying the White House? Are they completely off the charts unhinged because Hillary Clinton got annihilated by the American people by electing Donald Trump in 2016? The answers to these questions are an obvious “Yes” and “Yes”!
It is really sad that while we fight tirelessly to create a better world, there exist also the folks who have nothing but ill intentions, anger, and evil in their hearts. Evil begets evil, so future generations may become even more depraved.
The good news is that we know that gates of Hell shall not prevail, and that Jesus Christ is triumphant. That doesn’t mean that many good people will not suffer, but if we do, let us suffer in the name of Jesus and in the name of His one and only Truth. Stay strong, stay faithful, and stay true.
(Rey Flores writes opinion and book and movie reviews for The Wanderer. Contact Rey at

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