Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From the 19th Ward Facebook Page

Reading this post sickened me. How is it that people could be treated like this? What was their crime? Will they be able to recover what they have lost?
Five years ago the McClain family purchased a home on Seeley Avenue. This past Friday the property was sold. 
In between those years is a story that you just can't make up. It involved rumors, politics, corruption, greed, corrupt court rooms, the Landmark commission, the Building commission, corrupt media, intimidation, CPD, CFD, and a community that looked the other way. In other words a made for TV movie but in actuality a true life horror story. Over a permit process? Really?
If you follow this group then you would see that facts are important and the truth has meaning here. 
The million dollar question everyone including our local papers are curious about is why did this family finally sell? The simplest answer is when the family has been run out of town, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and has been fined $6,000 a day for over a year
by the city, you can only fight for your rights for so long.
We as a community have failed this family. They have lost everything. Their family, their friends, their neighbors, their school, their church, their businesses, their pride, their privacy, and most of all their civil rights.
But the questions no one ever asked is why did this happen to them? What did we gain or lose as a community? How much did this cost us? (and we are not talking monetarily.)
Our hope at 19th Ward News is that we have learned our lesson. That we support the new owners and whatever they may decide to do with the property and what is best for them. 
From the McClain's:
"We are looking forward to moving on and to closing this chapter in our lives. We are grateful to those many supporters that have been there for us. We wish the new owners all the best."


  1. Anonymous4/18/2017

    The people that did this will get theirs someday.

  2. Anonymous4/18/2017

    The culprits were jealous of Davids success! They set out to hurt him. They were so wrong for what happened.

  3. Anonymous4/18/2017

    People are mean.

    1. Anonymous4/18/2017

      Those are the same people that mf'ed a restaurant on Western Ave because.........and mf'ed a dog groomer on 111th street not because the business owners did anything wrong but because they could. Makes them feel better I guess. The downside for the neighborhood is that businessmen like me have closely observed all of this and will never open up a shop around here.

  4. Anonymous4/18/2017

    That house was a junker.

  5. Anonymous4/19/2017

    Let's see who bought the home and how fast a demolition permit is issued.

  6. Anonymous4/19/2017

    I think there is a lot more to this story on both sides than is being reported. I do believe the city thought the owners wanted to build another house on the south side of the lot.
    However, so what. They should be allowed to build something new on their property. That house was not anything unique or special, it was just old. Also there were rumors that others - more politically connected - were interested in the house. I find it sad that our city and the Alderman side against long time residents and stiff armed them with the power of the government. One more example of how you never ever cross the 19th Ward Democratic machine. Remember John Somerville? Long time buddy of Tom Dart got taken to the wood shed because he wanted to run for Alderman.