Wednesday, March 29, 2017

May she burn in hell


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Wednesday, the Center for Medical Progress released an undercover video taken at a Planned Parenthood networking event in which an abortionist vividly describes her technique of ending the lives of unborn babies at up to six months in their mother's wombs. 

In a 12-minute long portion of a 27 minute long unedited conversation, Planned Parenthood Arizona's Medical Director Dr. DeShawn Taylor goes into detail about how she dismembers unborn babies so that her staff isn't upset when the extractions are intact,
and a baby is easily identifiable.
In the state of Illinois, lawmakers are moving forward with legislation that would cause abortions - even those like the ones this Planned Parenthood abortionist commits - to be funded by the state's taxpayers. 
This video was released despite David Daleiden and associate Sandra Merritt being charged Tuesday in California with 15 felonies for falsely identifying themselves as purchasers of body parts for a bio-tech company. The charges say they secretly recorded themselves and stole documents from a technology firm. 
Daleiden faced similar charges in Texas last year, but the charges were eventually dropped. 
UPDATE x1: Wednesday afternoon, Daleiden's defense attorney Tom Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel at Thomas More Society issued a statement concerning the charges filed in California.
"When it comes to felony charges against our client, David Daleiden, history is on our side. When David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were falsely charged in Texas, after they mounted a vigorous defense, the charges were abruptly dropped. We expect that the same will prove true in California," Brechja said.
He went on to say Planned Parenthood’s business partners, DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics, have been sued by Orange County, California. The lawsuit alleges that they illegally profited from the sale of human baby body parts from abortions. This, Brecha said, confirms the truth of what has been depicted in Daleiden’s videos.  
“David Daleiden and his co-defendant, Sandra Merritt, will be vindicated. They will assert robust defenses to these charges. Their efforts led to numerous criminal referrals by both Senate and House investigative committees," Brechja said. 
"Their efforts were furtherance of First Amendment values and are clothed with the same Constitutional protection that all investigative journalists deserve and must enjoy. Undercover journalism has been a vital tool in our politics and self-governance.“     


Anonymous said...

I read the caption and don't have the stomach to watch this video. The captions make me sick enough.

Anonymous said...

Since 2012, PersonalPAC, a pro-abortion political action committee has donated more than $7000.00 to State Representative Fran Hurley.

I can't seem to post a link, but the website is

Search by the name of the candidate and the name of the contributor.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing. She seems to have no trouble with her conscience. Fran - and all the 19th Ward Democrat-socialist Party enablers WILL have to answer some day, if not in this world, at least in the next. These videos show undoubtedly that these ghoulish people know EXACTLY what it is they are promoting. The sick part is that they have been so brainwashed by liberal propaganda that they hear trumpets in their heads and think they are on a mission to promote something good. Shows you how far liberalism has demented the common sense human beings were born with.

Anonymous said...

Democrats : Strong enough to kill babies....just not strong enough to kill our enemies.

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