Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 siblings' plea to be adopted together, sparks tremendous response

Credit: Mark Weber/Wicher’s Photography

TOPEKA, Kan. (KTVU) - They range in age from two to 11, and all they want is to be together in a permanent, loving home.

Some are calling them the "Fab 5:" Bradley, 11, Preston, 10, Layla, 8, Landon, 6, and Olive, 2, are five siblings from Central Kansas, who have been in foster care for a little more than year a now, separated and placed in different homes and looking for one family that will adopt them all.

State caseworkers say it is very likely that the kids will have their hopes fulfilled, after the

children were profiled earlier this month in the Kansas City Star, as part of a "Family Wanted" feature article, that received a viral response.

Their story has since been shared around the world and led to some 3,000 inquiries, one from as far as Ireland, according to Theresa Freed, the communications director for the Kansas Dept. for Children and Families.

Caseworkers have now narrowed the list to a pool of seven families, Freed tells KTVU.

Information on how the siblings ended up in the state's care is not being released to protect the children's privacy, according to Freed.

When asked about their desire to stay together, oldest brother Bradley's response is a simple one: "I need them!" he said.

Landon's response is just as touching, commenting that he wants "to live like a family."

The children's desire and vision for the kind of family they want to end up with are very basic.

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